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Denim Glossary: The Jeans Family

We want you to go beyond just the boyfriend.
Denim Glossary: The Jeans Family We want you to go beyond just the boyfriend.

Moving forward with our Denim Glossary Series, we want to clarify a common misconception with the denim trousers everyone’s mad about, the boyfriend jeans. Ladies, just because it’s baggy, cuffed, and distressed doesn’t mean it’s boyfriend material. We know, even the stores categorize them all as boyfriend jeans, which makes it more confusing. No worries, today we will introduce you to the rest of the family—uncool dad included—to give the style you prefer the proper appreciation it deserves. Let’s get moving into increasing your denim knowledge, shall we? 


It’s ironic that they’re called boyfriend jeans, yet they’re man-repelling. But as we always say, we dress up for ourselves and not for boys. This member of the family is probably the most popular at the moment and we have to admit, the return of the ‘90s was a huge chunk caused by the ripped and baggy boyfriend jeans. How can we resist the roomy silhouette that gives off an oh-so-cool and laid-back vibe compared to the skinny and uptight pairs, right? Boyfriend jeans are relatively more loose compared to the other members of the family also characterized by a low crotch and a barely noticeable narrow hem. 


It’s a shame that the girlfriend jeans are overlooked because they are actually a combination of the boyfriend and the mom jeans. You get the best of both worlds in this type because it has the laid-back appeal of the boyfriend and the shape of the mom. Either mid or low-rise, the girlfriend jeans are carrot-shaped but hugs the body more compared to the others (note: they're still not tight-fitting though). A distinct characteristic of the girlfriend is that it is always cut ankle-length—no need to cuff the hem. 


There was a time when the mom jeans were called exactly that because it makes teens look like moms when they wear the almost shapeless pair. But these days, there’s nothing cooler than a girl who’s not afraid to follow her maternal instincts. Mom jeans have a definitive high-waist and rolled cuffs. They’re not as tight as the girlfriend and not as loose-fitting as the boyfriend. 


The most unflattering and not to mention boring type of denim trousers would have to be the dad jeans. Yes, we all love good old dad; heck, all the other members of the jeans family actually evolved from dad. But that’s precisely the point, he is only the plain base. Folks (yes, we’re not only talking to the ladies), we don’t suggest you wear them—that is, unless you really are a dad, because this style will only look great on them and no one else. If you want something shapeless and normcore, then simply go for the classic straight-cut jeans. 

Have you decided on which family member you like? Click on the gallery to begin shopping. 

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