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Decorate Your Home With These Sustainable Pieces A La Gwyneth Paltrow

Go for green living with these beautiful and earth-friendly pieces.
Decorate Your Home With These Sustainable Pieces A La Gwyneth Paltrow Go for green living with these beautiful and earth-friendly pieces.

If there's one thing (sometimes called a trend!) that we should all learn to follow, it has got to be green living. You’ve heard of the words “recycle” and “sustainable,” but do we actually live them? Do we do them consistently? How about we take Gwyneth Paltrow as an inspiration. Ever since she started Goop, her weekly newsletter about lifestyle and fashion, we have been able to take a peek at what she does at home, may it be food preparation, interior design, or even something fashion-related. Gwyneth has been known to lead a life that rids of anything harmful to your body or the environment—organic, green living, that is. So we thought of a way we can start living like she does, by picking pieces that all scream love for Mother Nature.


Scroll down to check out sustainable and earth-friendly pieces that you can decorate your home (or room!) with to make it Pinterest-worthy. Who says environment-friendly can’t be done stylishly?

Entertain guests in style with this Honduras Mahogany wine server—this came from a sustainable tree farm in Pangasinan that uses each and every part of the scrap wood they collect to turn them into eco-chic pieces.

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Wine server, P200, Sustainably Made at

Turn your empty wine bottle into a chic lamp by using this bottle light—just insert this bulb into any bottle that you’d like to recycle. Chic and quaint in a jiffy and not just that, you get to recycle bottles after draining the wine from them!


Bottle light, P450, Quirks

Rags2Riches just launched their new brand called Rags2Riches Living—a collection of accent pillows, floor rugs, and poufs that were woven using scrap cloth by local artisans. Not only are these cute and bright accent pieces the perfect addition to your home, but for every purchase, you also help a lot of men and women in creating and growing a sustainable source of income.


Small floor pouf (20” x 8”), P2879, Rags2Riches

A lot of the aerosol aroma sprays are harmful to the environment, therefore, making it harmful to your health and to your home. Consciously choose home items that are natural and organic, not only is it safe to use especially when kids are around, but it’s a small way of helping lessen our chemical wastes.


Anti-bacterial aroma spray, P240 for 500ML, Messy Bessy

Make Earth Hour a staple in your home by choosing sources of light that make use of natural energy like this super cute sun jar—it collects energy via solar panels and at night, the soft colorful glow helps illuminate your room in style!


Sun jar, P1350, Suck UK at 

Main image from Goop

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