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Decoding the SONA Dress Code

Here's what you need to know.
Decoding the SONA Dress Code
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Here's what you need to know.

With the upcoming State of the Nation Address (SONA) this Monday, President Rodrigo Duterte has set this year’s garb to business attire. But every professional would know just how confusing this dress code is. Essentially, under the business attire code, there are two subcategories namely, business formal and business casual.


Think of it as what you would wear to attend an important meeting or evening event with the big bosses. Men are expected to wear dark colored suit paired with a silk tie and dress shirt. Pocket squares are required and they should also wear dress shoes. For women, a pantsuit is expected but if you decide to wear a skirt, you should also wear a pantyhose with closed toe pumps.


Business casual is a step down from the formal but you should still dress in a conservative manner.  Men don’t need cufflinks or pocket squares. A blazer paired with a button-down shirt with oxfords or brogues are acceptable. For the ladies, you can be more free in experimenting with color and prints, but still maintaining conventional office wear.

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But business attire shouldn’t always be limited to a black and white combination. Below are a few outfit inspirations on how you can spruce up your office outfit:


1. Classics never go out of style but to make sure you won’t look like you're wearing the same thing as everyone else, wear a textured tie.

  2. If your office allows more creative freedom, don’t be afraid to experiment with prints paired with classic pieces.

3. Throw on a vest for a more dapper vibe.

4. Replace the usual black or navy with a striking deep burgundy or an army green colored suit to stand out.

5. Try a double-breasted suit to look more debonair.


1. Borrow from the gents and wear a perfectly tailored tux with crisp pair of trousers.

2. Up your blazer game by switching to a cape-like suit.

3. Pair a lightweight trench coat with a pencil skirt to look more put together.

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4. Experiment with a below the knee hemline but keep it in a neutral tone to elongate your legs.

5. Channel girl power with a pastel pink suit combo!

Photos from @highfashionmen and @dressforwork on Instagram.

Main image from @dressforwork on Instagram.

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