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What makes Dakasi not your regular milk tea.
Dakasi What makes Dakasi not your regular milk tea.

As the summer temperature skyrockets each day, we beat the heat by chugging  down sweet refreshments. Amidst the pool of  milk tea stores popping around the metro, Dakasi catches a niche: the obsessive-compulsive (OC) milk tea addict. Dakasi's meticulous preparation covers the bases: They brew their own tea leaves (imported from Taiwan), use pearls within three hours of cooking, and make their own sugar syrup and ice! Dakasi makes sure they oversee everything, from sourcing to production.



I spied how a cup of milk tea was brought to a customer at their Dela Rosa branch. Baristas are hygiene-conscious (another OC plus point; nothing is touched using bare hands) and everything was measured.


I noticed the pearls were smaller than usual, which I think was cool, especially if you sip in gulps like me. Pearls occasionally choke me, and their teas have the right amount of sweetness (and you'll also love their sunny yellow interiors!). It's a perfect place to catch up on the latest buzz with your friends.

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Dakasi is at GF Dela Rosa Carpark 1, Makati. Tel. no. 401 4929

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