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I Went to a Princess Party

One Elsa hair braid, please!
I Went to a Princess Party One Elsa hair braid, please!

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“Different colors, Mama! Rainbooowww!”

The quest for cutesy perfection was nonstop. One Saturday, at Hamleys, a new toy store the size of a large classroom in Bonifacio Global City, an event was underway, featuring girly-girl brand Luvley. Kid beauty junkies-in-the-making flocked to a picket-fenced area for a day of hair styling, manicures, makeup tests, face paint, and everyone’s fave--- glitter tattoos! Imagine a kiddie party dedicated to having makeovers done… pure heaven for any girl. All around, hair was being plaited into Elsa braids. Cheeks were painted with nothing but rainbows and butterflies. And what looked like spray cans were being pffffted onto little girl's manes. Copper! Violet! Electric blue! It kind of looked like the backstage scene of a fashion show. 


The mini vanity mirrors at this hair station were surrounded with technicolor hair accessories, washable colored hair spray, and even jewel face stickers… Givenchy ang peg?

“Tell her what you want,” a mom said. The little girl pointed at the “rainbow” hairstyle. Another had blue streaks in her hair, which was cool.

To one girl’s dismay, the pink hair spray was unavailable. Repeat -- the color pink was unavailable! Disheartened but not defeated, she sulked. Her mother, who inquired about the color's availability, asked again. Unfortunately, the spray can was just not working and cooperating with the stylist. Although her rainbow hair had to endure without her fave color, she brushed it off and began to smile; because hey, she'll still look totally fabulous. 

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Meanwhile, the most in-demand nail art station was treating the little ladies to adorable designs; which they then flashed in true mini donya fashion. The other girls were getting (temporarily) inked at the glitter tattoo area and even ended up getting both arms covered! (Beside them, two makeup assistants commented that they wanted their own.) As makeup artists swiped all colors of blush, eye shadow, lipstick, and gloss all from the Luvleys brand, moms and yayas were even serving their little darlings sweet treats from the fancy dessert bar. They were like princesses at a tea party!


“You want more? More on the other side???” asked one mom, even though the face blinking back at her was candy-colored, and her hair a la Katy Perry.  The little girl smiled a big smile and flashed her half-painted face as she jumped up and down. The other girls around her were also giggling and waiting for more glitter, more pastel eye shadow, more face paint, and more nail flower power. And it all had to be done before Daddy came back from shoe-shopping.

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