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8 Cute Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your Bae

Promise, they’re pretty easy to put together!
8 Cute Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your Bae
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Promise, they’re pretty easy to put together!

Whether you plan to match with bae or not, here are a few ideas to get you started on your Halloween costume. 

1. Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky

We’re pretty sure you sweet-talked your way into getting your real-life bae to be the Peter K to your LJ even before the credits rolled on To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. And please, for the love of all things precious, make sure you keep your scrunchie!

Key pieces: A denim pinafore and a striped tee for you; and a letterman jacket or university hoodie for him.


2. Rachel Chu and Nick Young

Walk into any party in style with your very own dashing Nick Young. Make everyone’s heads turn as you pass them by like the Crazy Rich Asians you are. Bok bok, b*tch!

Key pieces: A slinky pleated dress like the Missoni one Rachel borrowed from Peik Lin for you; and a well-tailored suit for him.



3. Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones

Go the old school high school route with Riverdale’s Juggie to your Betty. Promise to take him out for a burger and milkshake date after you get spotted at all the house parties. And please, give your sleuthing a rest for one night, will you?

Key pieces: A sleek high ponytail, a sweater or cardigan, and skirt set for you; a moto jacket and crown-beanie for him.

4. Debora and Baby

No need to drive like a maniac to where you’re headed but listening to music is 100% encouraged. Voice lessons not required, Baby Driver.

Key pieces: A denim jacket over a cute dress plus some hoops to go with your messy bun; a bomber jacket and wayfarers for him—don’t forget the earphones!


5. Oliver and Elio

Even if you’re not sneaking sweet glances at each other in the perennially sunkissed city of Italy, dressing the part will most likely be just as romantic. And well, you can just call each other by your name.


Key pieces: Pique polo shirts and chino shorts in delicious pastel colors.

6. Ally and Jack

Look the part by mussing up your hair and letting your man grow his scruff.

Key pieces: Matching black outfits and a microphone for you and a guitar for him.

7. Juliet Ashton and Dawsey Adams

Go back in time—like way back in Germany during the time of the Nazi occupation—and relive The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Think clandestine meetings.

Key pieces: A blouse with pleats in front paired with a pencil skirt for you; and a navy sweater and chinos with a belt for him. Don’t forget to carry a book plus some letters.

8. Ruby and Fernando

Look like the fabulous Cher and Andy Garcia in Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again with the song “Fernando” playing in your head all night long.

Key pieces: A super sparkly ensemble and a platinum blonde wig for you; a salt-and-pepper beard to go with an impeccable suit for him.


Your favorite TV and movie couple not listed here? Who are you going as this Halloween? Leave a comment below to share your ideas with other Preview Girls!