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8 Stylish Couple OOTD Poses to Try on Valentine's Day

Chic and cheesy? We'll take it.
8 Stylish Couple OOTD Poses to Try on Valentine's Day
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/bjpascual, INSTAGRAM/beibeidee
Chic and cheesy? We'll take it.

We sense it: You're already planning that Valentine's Day Instagram post. If you are, glean both pose pegs and couple OOTD inspo from these eight chic pairs!

1. Too-cool K-pop couple Hyuna and Hyojong shook the world when news dropped that they were a real-life item, and following the drama, they've now become one of our ultimate favorite style pairs. Just look at this editorial they did with Dazed Korea!

2. No harm in pretending the pesky paparazzi's hounding the gorgeous pair you are! Take fun, semi-candid cues from BJ Pascual and Mike Lavarez.

3. A funky, textured mirror selfie is always a great option, according to Mari Jasmine and Sam Lee.

4. Make the most of your posh date night outfits and lock hands while exchanging a meaningful glance like soon-to-be-newlyweds Camille Co and Joni Koro. Loving the tilted angle, too.

5. We love this whimsical option posed by Tricia Gosingtian and RG Gabunada. Pick a spot right in the heart of the forest for a snap that's straight out of a Ghibli flick.


6. A cool tip care of the ever well-styled Daryl Chang and Mano Lotho: Oh-so-subtly coordinate your neutrals and find a stunning backdrop to match.

7. Recline in style à la Bea Soriano and Eric Dee! A tip for the ladies: Lying sideways with your stems strategically folded gives you legs for days.

8. Laureen Uy and Miggy Cruz prove that no picturesque, painting-swathed wall can distract from the look of true love. Smile!