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SEE: Kim K and Jessica Alba's Unbelievable Body Shaping Secret

More hardcore than Spanx.
SEE: Kim K and Jessica Alba's Unbelievable Body Shaping Secret More hardcore than Spanx.

From the Kardashian sisters to Jessica Alba, Hollywood’s leading ladies have all turned to the old-fashioned way of getting that itty-bitty waist: corsets. But while Alba claims it isn’t for everyone, Style Bible talked to designer, milliner and now corsetmaker Mich Dulce as she gives us the skinny on the latest body-sculpting craze that she herself has gotten into. 

Kim's newest obsession. 

Why wear corsets?

It makes for a smaller waist. It creates a nicer looking figure and you can wear it underneath your clothes on a day-to-day basis.

Is it better than Spanx?

It’s not like Spanx that are "comfortable" on the first wear. Corset training, in general, is something you have to get used to, considering it has 18 sets of boning inside. Spanx are not boned, so while it holds certain parts in, it doesn’t have the same control as a corset. What a proper corset does is it takes from a minimum of 3 and up to 6 inches off your waist just on the first wear. It can be worn underneath your garments to train your waist to stay small. For example, if you’re a bride trying to lose weight for your wedding, I would recommend wearing it six months before so your body can slowly adjust to becoming curvier and having more of a waist.


Khloe joins in on the wasit-shaping craze.

Do you still need a bra for it?

I make many kinds. Some have built in bras and then I have those that only cover the waist (these are the waist trainers.) There’s also the classic outerwear corset.

Is it better to have one made than just to buy it from the department store?

Those you buy off the rack are not made of proper boning and they’re not tailored to your body. My corsets, much like those from the olden days, make use of steel bones which really provide support. It’s an investment because you only really need just one. No two bodies are the same. A curve on one woman would be different on another—this makes off-the-rack pieces all the more uncomfortable to wear because standard sizes never come that close to your body.

Mich Dulce will personally be accommodating consultations and fittings until the first week of August. To set an appointment, email her at Corsets start at Php24,000.

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