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5 Cool Ways to Crop Out Your Head in an OOTD Shot

No need to smile here.
5 Cool Ways to Crop Out Your Head in an OOTD Shot
No need to smile here.

Let's face it (irony intended): sometimes you're just not in the mood to show your mug in an OOTD snap. Sure, your look is 100%, but blame it on stress, forgetting your concealer at home, or plain crankinessyou'd rather leave a smile out. And that's okay! Whatever the reason, we're here to help you in the name of fashion; below, some style star-approved ways to crop your head out of an outfit shot.

1. Don't say cheese. There's no need to. A "pugot-ulo" OOTD is a great trick to show off certain details that look better up close! Take Liz Uy's swinging leather fringe as an example.

2. Pro tip: Since your face won't be in the shot, you might want to make sure your outfit is really worth the focus. Throw in punchy, headturning touches like a bright purple sock boot and some fascinating asymmetrical hemlines.

3. A cute idea! We like Bea Marin's sitting pose peg. Look out for interesting floors—a pretty tile pattern, cool court pavements, etc.—then park your bum down. 


4. Another seated snap! This time, cozy up in a photogenic chair, then artfully arrange your accoutrements around you. Voila!

5. Again, a headless pic makes zooming into prints and textures so much more interactive. See the barely-there peek-a-boo tail of Ida Anduyan's white shirt? The intricate chinoiserie print on her little red dress? The bodice's slipping straps? Tiny deets make all the difference.