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Cool New Ways to Shoot Your Accessories

If you're tired of the typical flat lay.
Cool New Ways to Shoot Your Accessories If you're tired of the typical flat lay.

If you've got a lot of accessories you want to flaunt on Instagram, but don't want your grid to look like a lookbook of all of your OOTDs—then here are some ideas you might want to try out for some variety. Because, after all, there will always be new ways to come up with angles, lighting, and composition to shooting your favorite fashion finds.

Play with lighting.


Light and shadow create contrast that envelops footwear (or anything else, for that matter) with a mysterious mood while still having sharp definition.

Look through your lens.



Turn on your camera phone and scan the room through the viewfinder. You might just find clever ways to use the room to highlight your accessories.

Show off some skin.


Skin on skin complements jewelry just fine. We especially like the body favored to the side, flaunting more than just limbs stacked with jewelry.

Open up a mag.

watch now


The easiest trick so far is to flip through a magazine for a compelling image. Open and lay it flat, drape jewelry, add an extra element, and voilà! Instagram post done.

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