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9 Most Common Stain Hacks Every Girl Should Know

No need to cry over spilled red wine.
9 Most Common Stain Hacks Every Girl Should Know No need to cry over spilled red wine.

It can be frustrating to see your favorite top stained, but instead of crying over spilled milk (literally!), try these stain-removing hacks to restore your clothing back to its pristine condition.

Ed's note: Always do a spot test first to check if the stain-removing solution won't damage the fabric. Launder the item immediately after treatment. If you're unsure, take it to the professional cleaners.


1. Lipstick stain

Lipstick smears can easily be banished by dabbing them with a clean towel dipped in rubbing alcohol.

2. Foundation stain

Streaks of foundation can be taken out by spot-cleaning the area with shaving cream.

3. Nail polish stain

A non-acetone nail polish remover will lift the spilled lacquer on your outfit. Afterwards, throw it in the washer. You may also mist it with hairspray and use a tweezer to take out the flakes. It's highly recommended that you do a spot test on a small area first to see if the chemicals in the remover won’t damage the fabric. 

4. Red wine stain

Spilled red wine on your blouse? Dip a clean cloth in white wine and dab it on the stained surface.

5. Oil stain

 When the stain is fresh, dust it with baby powder to absorb the grease, and throw it in the laundry. Adding a bit of dark soda in your washing machine tub will also make it disappear.

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6. Tomato-based stain

Whether it's ketchup or spaghetti sauce sitting on the surface of your top, you can remove the red orange stains with vinegar and water solution. 

7. Ink stain

There is still hope for a piece of clothing that has been stained by a pen—simply soak it in milk to dissolve the ink.

8. Blood stain

 Period woes? A few drops of hydrogen peroxide will restore your pants or skirt back to its pristine state. If the stain is still fresh, wash it with dishwashing liquid to get rid of the red mark and its odor, stat! 

9. Sweat stain

Armpit stains are caused by your sweat’s reaction to your deodorant. To get rid of this, soak your shirt in a basin of water and a cup of vinegar for about 20 minutes. In a bowl, mix ½ cup of baking soda, one tablespoon salt, and one tablespoon hydrogen peroxide until it forms into a thick paste. Remove the shirt from the vinegar water solution and squeeze out excess water. Lay it flat on a towel, apply the paste on the stained areas, and let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinse the shirt and wash it with regular laundry detergent—your top will look as good as new! 


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