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Comfort Care Co-Lab: What Manila's Fashion Experts Have to Say About Clothes Care

Rajo Laurel, Daryl Chang, and Laureen Uy share tips on how to properly wash, style, and maintain your fashion staples.
Comfort Care Co-Lab: What Manila's Fashion Experts Have to Say About Clothes Care

Clothes are part of our identity and once we’ve found pieces that resonate with us, our job is to keep them in good condition so we can wear them as much, and for as long, as we like. To help with this, Comfort Care invited fashion experts Rajo Laurel, Laureen Uy, and Daryl Chang to share their best clothes care hacks and tips during the Comfort Care Co-Labs. The video series covers everything we need to know about how to keep our clothes looking new and how to style them in ways that would elevate our looks for any occasion. Here’s what we learned:   

1. To prevent dark clothes from fading, turn them inside out and wash with cold water. 

Laureen debunks the idea of using ground coffee to preserve dark-colored pieces. Instead, wash them inside out with cold water so the fibers stay intact. "I've actually heard of [using] cold water before, and I haven't done this myth so buti na lang I turn my clothes inside out when I wash them," she says. Before doing your laundry, it’s also important to separate dark clothes from lighter ones so the colors won’t transfer as you wash. 

2. Address those stains right away. 

It helps to immediately pre-clean the stained area using quality detergent. This way, the stain won’t sit long on the fabric and you can prevent your fave clothing item from yellowing in the soiled spot. 

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3. Air-dry your cotton clothes. 

Rajo and Daryl swear by cotton fabric! We couldn’t agree more because it’s light and breathable—perfect for everyday wear considering our tropical climate. The catch is, cotton is prone to stains. Rajo’s pro tip: “Wash it right away so you can remove these stains easily. The faster you wash them, the better." This applies to graphic cotton tees as well. After washing them inside out using cold water, hanging them out to dry should be your next step. Daryl shares, “Most prints get damaged by excessive heat so don't put your clothes in the dryer. Just hang them out to dry.”

Just like cotton, different fabrics may have different rules when it comes to washing or drying but they share one common denominator—quality detergent. "For any fabric, it's always best to use the right detergent for the right kind of care," Daryl concludes.

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4. Monochromatic dressing will elevate your at-home outfits. 

“Who says house clothes can’t be stylish?” says Laureen. With proper care, loungewear items can be worn again and again, providing you with more OOTD options. Daryl suggests mixing and matching monochromatic shades for an effortless ensemble. "It gives a lift to your outfit,” she says.

Daryl prefers using bright shades for her loungewear OOTD. "Put in happy colors. This way, it matches the mood and energy when you're doing something as productive as cleaning the house or down-timing with your favorite coffee."

5. Tweak your athleisure look. 

We all know Laureen is a big fan of athleisure. "I live for athleisure clothing. They're so comfy and you can wear it every single day,” she shares. While athleisure is all about form and function, it doesn’t mean looking literally like you’ve just finished a workout. “I know it's usually composed of sports bra, cycling shorts, leggings, and sports jacket. But if you want to elevate your look, just put an oversized blazer with cute accessories and you're good to go,” Laureen explains. This option offers a more polished touch which helps level up your athleisure game.

ASC No. U018P100820CS

Clothes don’t go out of fashion when you’ve got a quality detergent that can keep them new for longer. Comfort Care Detergent deeply cleans and protects your clothes from different signs of clothes aging like bobbling, color fading, yellowing, stretching, and roughness. Use it on your next laundry day! 

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