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10 Colors That Pair Perfectly With Pink Clothing, As Seen on Influencers

Who doesn't love pink?
10 Colors That Pair Perfectly With Pink Clothing, As Seen on Influencers
IMAGE Instagram/trishaddr, laureen
Who doesn't love pink?

Perhaps there's no other color as significant and, dare we say, iconic as pink. Contemporary pop culture phenoms such as Regina George's clique in Mean Girls, Lil Nas X at the 2021 Grammys, and, of course, Madonna in her Material Girl music video have all donned it through memorable garments, forever etching the bright hue onto history.

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The color is quite the chameleon, and shifting its tones between warmer and cooler states totally changes the overall vibe it gives off. Blush or pastel pinks have an inviting, feathery softness to them, while striking hot pinks and magentas immediately command one's attention. No matter what shade it's in, pink will always be a cheerful symbol of femininity, hope, and love—now how can you not love a color like that?

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When it comes to your sartorial arsenals, pieces in this hue should definitely be a mainstay. They add some much-needed oomph to your daily ensembles and can easily be the focal piece you plan your entire 'fit around. There's a ton of ways one can don pink and we'd argue that it can look good paired with any other color.


Though, if you're looking for some pointers, we've rounded up 10 hues our beloved, stylish influencers have been teaming it with for their OOTDs. Scroll on and take notes!

10 influencer-approved colors to pair with pink clothing:

1. Red

While you may think this pairing is reserved for cheesy Valentine's Day outfits, wearing red and pink together can actually result in some pretty cool everyday looks. Don both hues in bold and bright shades for some seamless and eye-catching color-blocking. 

bea arboleda in pink
PHOTO BY Instagram/beaarboleda
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2. Orange

Embody a luscious sunrise and sport pink with equally-as-delightful pieces in orange. Don't hesitate to wear sprightly orange tops with more muted pink bottoms for some tonal contrast that really packs a punch. To cap things off, some gold bling will perfectly bring out the warm tones in your 'fit.

sef loseo in pink
PHOTO BY Instagram/sefloseo

3. Yellow

We've talked about red and orange, so what else is left to complete this color trifecta? Yellow, of course. More subtle, soft shades of yellow tone down neon pinks while also letting them take center stage. 

camille co in pink
PHOTO BY Instagram/itscamilleco

4. Gray

If you're more of a dainty dresser, fret not, because somber rose golds will be your best friend, and they pair well with similarly muted tints of gray. They blend in with the neutral go-to, while also incorporating just the right hint of pink.

faye balogo in pink
PHOTO BY Instagram/fayebalogo

5. Black

The best way to wear pink with black is to opt for lighter shades that stand out against the dark tone without competing with it. While pastel pinks totally look fetching with similarly light hues, having them against black clothing accentuates their softness and edges them up.

laureen uy in pink
PHOTO BY Instagram/laureen

6. White

Though, if you're really a staunch lover of pairing pastels with light hues, we can't blame you. Putting together blush pinks with white just makes sense. It's guaranteed to result in fresh, fun, and feminine looks you'd want to wear on any day. 

ashley garcia in pink
PHOTO BY Instagram/ashleyogarcia

7. Blue washes of denim

Pink and blue are two colors that seem to have been intertwined since the beginning of time. Don both of them in the freshest of streetwear OOTDs by letting your baggy denims add some flair to your dainty tops.

lorin gutierrez in pink
PHOTO BY Instagram/loringabriella

8. Green

Opposite to pink on the color wheel is green, which actually means they complement each other the best. For the most high-impact 'fits, experiment by teaming together playful shades of fuchsia with more robust tones of forest green.

rhea bue in pink
PHOTO BY Instagram/iamrheabue

9. Dark brown

At first glance, one wouldn't even think of coupling chocolatey browns with flamboyant pinks, but the two can actually go together since they're both in warm tones. The result is a cohesive look that's eye candy to look at, and so much sweeter when worn.

trisha diaz de rivera in pink
PHOTO BY Instagram/trishaddr

10. Varying shades of pink

At the end of the day, pink is much too delectable a color to resist wearing it monochromatically. Try uniting coral shades with mauve tones to add some dimension to your OOTDs. Cap things off with something in pastel pink to really drive it home.

lissa kahayon in pink
PHOTO BY Instagram/lissakahayon

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