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5 Wardrobe Pieces You Should Never Throw Away, According to This Minimalist

Don't get carried away by your decluttering urges!
5 Wardrobe Pieces You Should Never Throw Away, According to This Minimalist
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Don't get carried away by your decluttering urges!

In your pursuit of achieving a minimalist wardrobe, you could get carried away by your decluttering urges. That's why before you consider a piece worth clearing out, think twice if it really deserves that label. One way to avoid accidentally tossing an essential is to be very familiar with your most-worn pieces.

Minimalist fashion vlogger Jenny Mustard says that her well-used items have these in common: They're classic, good quality, simple, neutral, and most importantly, they're in tune with her personal style. In a video, she identifies five things in her closet with these qualities and why they're worth keeping. See them below to guide your next decluttering session:

1. A neutral cardigan

Jenny loves cardigans for easy layering throughout any season. It'll keep you warm in a chilly space like your office and dress up your look without being stuffy. Keep one in a long, clean cut in a neutral color that'll go with anything in your closet.

2. A simple, flattering dress

We can say that we love all the dresses in our closet equally, but there will always be that one piece that we wear the most because it fits like a glove and is effortless to style. For example, Jenny's pick is a navy slip dress that she often wears alone or layered over a turtleneck and pants.

3. A classic pair of shoes

Not many shoe styles stand the test of time, so it's best to have a timeless and versatile pair in your wardrobe that you can wear regardless of how many years have passed. Depending on your personal style, this could be ballet flatswhite sneakers, or even leather combat boots.

4. A timeless jacket

One of Jenny's go-to cover-ups is a black bomber jacket that she also shares with her boyfriend. She says the fact that it's plain and has no distracting patterns or details has helped it age really well and made it a heavily worn piece in her closet. The same could apply to your favorite denim jacket or a lightweight trenchcoat!


5. A versatile belt

Belts can literally save an outfit. Not only can it make your bottoms fit better, it adds some subtle dimension, too. For one, you can wear it over a dress or a blazer to cinch your waist! As for the type of belt you should keep, think about what you could pair with both your jeans and other dressy trousers. If you need an idea, Jenny's pick is a vintage black leather belt with braided details.

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