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These Tips Will Help You Keep Your Bags in Perfect Condition

From storage tips to reviving a damaged. good.
These Tips Will Help You Keep Your Bags in Perfect Condition
IMAGE Poliform
From storage tips to reviving a damaged. good.

Every Preview girl is tasked with keeping her wardrobe at bay. And with bags, being organized and making sure everything is in tip-top shape require more than your ordinary dust bag. Here are a few essential tips for properly storing your arm candy:

1. Know which bags goes in racks.

While placing your bags on a rack may not have the same effect as placing them all in a row, the space-saving quality is definitely something that should be considered. Take note of the bag styles you can easily hang:

  • Canvas and woven beach bags
  • Large shopping totes
  • Nylon and fabric bags
  • Messenger bags

IMAGE Louie Aguinaldo

Boconcept Metro wall rack, P11,290, MOs Design Bonifacio High Street

Preview tip: Dust bags help keep bags clean, but don’t forget to wash them, too. Aside from protecting your handbags from dust and dirt, they also prevent your bags from scratching and chafing, especially when you store your purses closely together.

2. Store your purses inside cubbyholes.

Cubbyholes for closet systems like this one from Poliform let you neatly display your bags as they retain their shape, as well as giving you easy access so you can use all your bags periodically.

IMAGE Poliform

Poliform closet system, starts at P500,000, 219 Nicanor Garcia St., Makati

3. Try a bag protector.

Take bag protection up a notch by putting it inside this: Save My Bag helps shield your precious purses from the elements—even rain! Made with materials lighter than neoprene, this Italian-made carry-all has transitioned from being a bag-saver to a fun, must-have bag itself. The best part? It’s as light as a feather. 

IMAGE Louie Aguinaldo

Save My Bag Amaryllis Lycra Fresh bag, P9295, Little White Box SM Makati

4. Don't neglect your bag handles.

Bag handles can sometimes be ignored when storing your bags. A little effort goes the extra mile.

For chain link bags, tuck the chain strap inside your purse, ensuring that it’s safely stored inside.


IMAGE Louie Aguinaldo

For top-handle bags, keep the handles standing by putting a roll of crumpled paper through the straps. This way, you won’t have to worry about folded or creased handles.

IMAGE Louie Aguinaldo

For bags with detachable straps, take the straps out, roll them properly, and keep them inside the bag. Aside from maintaining the shape of the straps, you won’t worry about misplacing them.

IMAGE Louie Aguinaldo

7. Stuff them to stay in shape.

For fashion and lifestyle blogger Keri Zamora, maintaining a bag's shape is crucial to keeping it in good condition. "I stuff my bags with clear bubble wrap or Japanese paper to keep them from losing shape or looking old," she shares.

6. Restore bags with slight damage.

Bags can discolor, lose shape or even warp when stored too long. Here’s how to revive them:

  • Vintage Restore - Known to have special processes to remove ink stains and make worn-out purses look good as new. 
  • Color Wash - Aside from cleaning and repair services, this Singaporean franchise offers a transparent coating for light bags to avoid color transfers from your clothing, especially your fave denims.

Once the bag is in good condition again, refer to our previous tips to help it stay that way!

*This article originally appeared in Preview Magazine's October 2015 issue.