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Citi Globeshopper

Citibank makes online retail therapy hassle-free.
Citi Globeshopper Citibank makes online retail therapy hassle-free.

The World Wide Web, our gateway to information and communication, is also a medium for convenient consumerism. There's just something so exhilarating about browsing through endless Web pages of fashion and beauty products and being able to get them for yourself with only a couple of clicks.

There are just so many international brands out there whose products we'd love to get our hands on, and online shopping makes this possible. But alas, not all online stores deliver to our country, or even accept credit cards not issued in the US! It's frustrating to discover really fabulous finds online, only to find out that your purchase cannot be accommodated because they can't accept your credit card or they just simply don't deliver to the Philippines.

This is where the Citi Globeshopper program steps in. It makes online shopping extremely convenient and Philippine resident-friendly. It's an exclusive service provided to Citibank cardholders allowing them to purchase from any online store in the cyber world without having to worry about shipment concerns or card denial.

Citibank takes care of the hassle by giving you an American address where your purchases can be shipped, and then they forward the goods to your homes in the Philippines right away, or at one go after you've made several purchases on different days. Citibank cardholders can also avail of amazing discounts and deals at online stores such as Bluefly, Macy's, Sephora, Bath and Body Works, among many others, making online retail therapy that much more fun and exciting.

For those Citibank cardholders who are ready to pillage through a kaleidoscopic miscellany of goods, here's how the Citi Globeshopper program works:

1. Register in Citi Globeshopper to get your US address. You can do this by visiting the Citi website at for a one-time registration. (From the homepage, click on the Credit Cards section, then the Citi Globeshopper box located at the right side of the page. Follow the instructions on the page on how to register using your Citi card.) After successfully registering your card, a US shipping address will be assigned to you.

2. Browse through the internet's countless retail shops or choose from the selected boutiques available in the Citi Globeshopper website! When making your purchase, indicate your Citi Globeshopper US address as shipping address.

3. Wait for an email from Citi Globeshopper to confirm that your goods have reached your US address.

4. Log on to Citi Globeshopper and give the go-signal to ship the items to your Philippine address or consolidate purchases made within 30 days in a single shipment. And then wait less than a week for your goods to arrive at your Philippine doorstep!

For those who don't already carry a Citicard, you might want to consider applying for one soon!

For more information, call the 24-Hour CitiPhone at 995-9999 or visit

—Eloise Alba and Jae de Veyra Pickrell

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