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10 Women Who Make Modest Dressing Incredibly Stylish

Current and covered up.
10 Women Who Make Modest Dressing Incredibly Stylish
Current and covered up.

It's a pretty common misconception that ladies who wear the hijab, a head covering donned by some Muslim women, are restricted from having fun with fashion.

“If you’re like me, you got into [blogging] because women like you never appeared anywhere in the media,” Kuwaiti influencer Ascia Al Faraj told Vogue. “We were underrepresented. We were seen as too niche, too complicated, too covered, or too difficult to represent...[but] modest dressing spans many walks of life across many different religions and is a preference for many women. It is a desire to cover what makes them comfortable, to take control of their bodies in the same way a lingerie model or woman in a swimsuit does: by putting on display only what they want to display.”

Popular British model and anti-violence advocate Mariah Idrissi also added in 2015: "Me choosing to wear the hijab is between me and God...If someone believes what I'm doing isn't modest, then that's their choice. I believe [that] as long as I'm covered correctly according to my religion, then what I'm doing is absolutely fine. And I've got a deeper purpose to thisit's not just about fashion."


You'd think the rules of faith are chains meant to bind, but these 10 incredibly stylish girls are out to prove that their decision to take the veil is empowering! Let these style tips we gleaned from them permanently redefine your notions of modest dressing.

1. Anisa Stoffel's look is so perfectly street, we're living. Go for casual, subtle color blocking via green track pants, a red logo tee, and blue jeans!

2. The aforementioned Mariah Idrissi is as chic as she is smart. We are definitely copping that belted open dress trick!

3. Yes, cardigans are back in a big way, and Noor Elkhaldi is in the loop! Loving how she topped her headscarf off with that adorable boater hat. Très Parisienne.

4. Imane Asry's sleek, minimalist #aesthetic has got us wanting to throw an undone wrap skirt over our trusty ol' denims.

5. Look to Marwa Atik for boho-flavored OOTDs involving delightfully clashing prints (like in this snap!), swinging fringe, and the occasional Louis Vuitton monogrammed headscarf.


6. Red and pink is the du jour color combo to sample, so let Summer Albarcha demonstrate how to rock it right. Eyeing those punchy satin slides!

7. Meme Biltagi has a thing for tastefully pairing hijabs in delicate vintage prints with a generous helping of texture. Spy that decadent frock!

8. A hood over your hijabHodan Yusuf doesn't see why it can't be done. We're on her side.

9. Maternity fashion peg alert! Nisa Cookie makes neutrals interesting with unique deets like ruching, a mermaid-esque silhouette, tiny sunglasses, and platforms. A cool mom.

10. Miski Muse crowns her scarf of choice with a cherry-red beret. Genius and so, so cute.