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Chatting Up The Misshapes

On their playlist, what they wore, and more from PFW!
Chatting Up The Misshapes On their playlist, what they wore, and more from PFW!

We got especially lucky at the Oxygen show at Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011. Aside from getting front row seats to the show, brand manager Kat Reyes was nice enough to get us backstage to interview Leigh Lezark and Geordon Nicol of the Misshapes!

While the stoic, too-cool, pose they give the cameras makes them seem unapproachable, they were actually really easygoing, friendly (and might we add especially fun at the after party at Kiss). Read on to find out what was on their playlist that night, what they wore, and what they think about Fashion Week in the Philippines.


What was on your set list tonight?

Leigh: There was a lot Gil Scott-Heron The Jamie XX redos.

 Geordan: He remastered an entire album of Gil Scott-Heron’s, Jamie from the band The XX, and he produced a whole album. The first song, the opening song was from that album, [and was] sort of dub-steppy. We also used LCD Soundsystem, Beth  Ditto, Cut Copy, Lykke Li, Crystal Castles, and Robert  Smith, and there were some samples of a few other things in   there as well.



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For us, whenever we’re working with a designer we always  usually go into the inspiration, the mood boards; it’s sort of a process. For this we were really lucky because the designer really trusted us. He said, “Just do something that keeps the energy up, that’s fun…”


L: …but also kind of dark because all of their stuff (Oxygen) has an edge.

G: And since it’s a really long show, we also needed to keep the energy up. That was our only instructions really—keep it fun and keep the energy up.

L: I think we did so! (laughs)


How long were you working on it?

G: We just did this last night.

Daryl: You must have a pretty big music archive

L: Yeah, and we do runway show music every fashion week for different cities so we can do it pretty quick.

G: Last night (referring to May 12) we arrived so we didn’t see anything ‘til yesterday. So we just did all that last night.



  So what’s on your personal playlist?

G: It depends because sometimes our playlists are a lot different from what we would play out normally; like our friends’ bands. It’s like kind of lame what we would play at home. (laughs) You’ll hear our playlist tonight for what we would play out.

We don’t play music when we’re at home.

L: I tend to get a song of the day that’s just on repeat.

G: I will tell you that I am very obsessed today with Lady Gaga’s new song, “The Edge of Glory.” Well, I’ll play it tonight for you because I was literally listening to it on repeat today but I didn’t realize it. We were doing a shoot today as well and it was literally on for five hours, non-stop, the same song.