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Celine Dion's Vogue Videos Are Giving Us Life

Celine Dion's Vogue Videos Are Giving Us Life
IMAGE Gordon Von Steiner for Vogue
A style star has re-emerged.

Celine Dion is 101% ridiculous, and it is literally the best thing ever.

Her most recent collab with Vogue has her starring in her very own campy-yet couture-drenched dress-up video, and now we (and the rest of the #shookt internet) are left to wonder: is trying hard cool again?

Not that Celine troubles herself much about being cool. She dances like a metal wire being bent into shapes, but keeps on anyway—this very same I-don't-give-an-f kookiness makes her so pure, so now. It's one thing to be nonchalant, but another totally different thing to really, really not care. And Celine really, really doesn't care.


We reiterate: Celine Dion is the embarrassing, Rodarte sequin-swathed aunt we never knew we wanted. Who else would prance around Paris dramatically biting the heads off of marble statues (no, really)? Who else would willingly blend into the Ritz's fleur de lis wallpaper like no seasoned chameleon could ever dare?

watch now

Fashion is hungry for theatrics. That can be the only true, c0re explanation as to why Celine's frothy, petaled Chanel and vintage-inspired Dior are leaving us draped over our office keyboards breathless and wanting more. More, sil vous plait! It's exactly the kind of sartorial drama we're clamoring for—loud, unabashed, and completely insane.

In a world of slouchy hoodies and trillion-dollar sweatpants manufactured precisely not to look manufactured, Celine Dion tries. Very hard. And she's our unrivaled hero for it: watch her preen at the mirror in a massive, cloudlike Giambattista Valli cotton candy confection and power-strut through a hotel kitchen cinched by John Galliano's Maison Margiela. No better outfit to sample hors d'oeuvres in, natch. Celine is Decadent (yes, with a capital D), and she's anything but sorry for it.


"Dion? No. Dion." Say it right, girls, because you can bet she'll go on.

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