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Celebstagram: The Stylish Celebrity Kids

Warning: Cuteness overload!
Celebstagram: The Stylish Celebrity Kids Warning: Cuteness overload!

We know these young ones' names because of their famous parents or relative; but that doesn't really matter because looking this cute at such an early age makes them celebrities in their own right. With their own hashtags and stylish #OOTDs, we can't help but turn the spotlight on these little fashionistas who make our hearts flutter with excitement. In the future, they'll probably be the faces we'll see in magazines and on billboards. But for now, scroll down and familiarize yourselves with our roundup of stylish celebrity kids.



With over 22,000 Instagram followers of her own, there's no denying that this little cutie is set to follow her Tita Kathryn Bernardo's footsteps. Is she going to be the next teen royalty of her generation? As far as we're concerned, that bubblegum tutu skirt seems fit for a princess.


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Girls definitely need to watch out for Denise Laurel's 'lil warrior. Basing on his dapper #OOTDs alone, we can tell he'll be breaking hearts sooner than expected.


The beautiful, indeed. Andi Eigenman's mini-me is a pretty fashionista who's probably going to rule over the modeling world one day. But as we wait, we're gonna be stalking her mom's Instagram account to see more of #TheBelle #OOTDs.



With Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati as your daddy and mommy, how's it even possible to not be a celebrity by birth? This little guy's luscious curls and pretty doe eyes have everyone ogling at his parents' social media accounts for snippets of his baby steps. And we will definitely hit the follow button as soon as he's big enough for his own Instagram!



With more than one hashtag to keep them trending, #TeamKramer sure has it all with #SuperstarKendra, #ScarlettDoll, and #Gavincredible. These little ones of Cheska and Doug Kramer have indeed taken the world wide web by storm with their TV guestings, product endorsements, and need we mention, millions of Facebook fans. And looking at how adorable this family is, how are we to resist double-tapping on their posts?


Photos by @andieigengirl @bernardokath @d_laurel @chekakramer @dougkramer44 @sahralahbati @richardgutz on Instagram

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