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Celebs and the Cars They Ride

Check out their sweet rides.
Celebs and the Cars They Ride Check out their sweet rides.

Aren’t you curious what cars our local celebrities drive going to and from their destinations? Well, we are! Given that these ladies always manage to put together a double-tap worthy OOTD, we can’t help but wonder if they can cruise in style, too. From luxury cars to conventional rides, below, find out your favorite stars’ taste when it comes to their choice of wheels.

Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis took home this Audi Q5 just three weeks ago. And look, it’s in red—just like her signature pout! 

Georgina Wilson

George let us in on the view from the backseat of her Jaguar. Caption: Best ride in the world!

Joey Mead King

Hopping into her Jaguar XFRAsia’s Next Top Model mentor, Joey Mead King, schools us how to ride like a top model.

Dominique Cojuangco

Remember when Dominique Cojuangco arrived in style at the Preview Ball two years ago? She was also spotted riding a Jaguar then.


Bianca Gonzalez and JC Intal

Road trip to Baguio? Bianca Gonzalez and husband JC Intal have been there and done that—in their Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, natch!

Kim Chiu

Look who we spotted taking her Chevrolet out for a ride. It’s Kim Chiu giving her friend a lift home.

Kathryn Bernardo

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Kathryn Bernardo shared a tweet pic after her successful driving lessons. That Lexus sure is fit for a Teen Queen!

Lovi Poe

As for Lovi Poe, her Hyundai Starex gets her to and from tapings.

Rhian Ramos

When she’s not racing, Rhian Ramos prefers a lazy drive with her Honda Jazz.

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