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8 Celebs and Influencers Reveal the First Designer Bag They Bought with Their Own Money

8 Celebs and Influencers Reveal the First Designer Bag They Bought with Their Own Money
IMAGE Instagram/heavenperalejo, Instagram/reremadrird
They also share the stories behind their first designer bag investment!

The first of anything is always a significant moment in one’s life. It can be your first best friend, your first pet, or even your first job. But for fashion enthusiasts, a memorable milestone includes buying their very first designer bag! While many would be lucky to have a meaningful heirloom piece from their parents, nothing beats purchasing one with your own hard-earned money. For some, it's not just a pretty handbag they can tote around, but it stands as a symbol of their perseverance and hard work. 

As a way to remember such a big investment in the purse category, we asked some of the most fashionable local influencers for the very first designer bag they bought with their on money. Scroll down and get inspired!

8 Celebrities and Influencers Reveal the First Designer Bag They Splurged On

1. Athena Madrid

"The first designer bag that I bought would be Balenciaga’s Neo Classic Handbag Crocodile Embossed in Black. I was never a fan of medium [to] large bags talaga pero nung nakita ko yung bagong design ng City bag sa Balenciaga, unang naaalala ko Mom ko. Kasi pag binili ko yung classic handbag, pwede rin magamit ni Mama. Sa family namin kasi, kami lang ni mama yung mahilig sa designer bags so usually kung anong binibili ni Mama na mga designer items, pwede ko rin magamit or vice versa."

PHOTO BY Photo Courtesy of Athena MAdrid
PHOTO BY Photo courtesy of Athena Madrid

2. Dani Barretto

"The first designer bag I got for myself with my own money is a Balenciaga City Bag in Black with gold hardware. I got it during our trip to LA about eight years ago. It was just the perfect bag for me at that time. The size was perfect, [and] I got it in black so it can go with any outfit."

PHOTO BY photo courtesy of dani barretto
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3. Denise Laurel

"My first ever hand bag was the Classic Chanel Lamb Skin handbag! I had a phase when I was 14 where I was just a complete shopaholic! Every day was like a shopping experience (I thought I was gonna die young for some reason) I loved buying stuff for friends and family as much as for myself—they called me the Tasmanian shopping devil! I could shop in under 10 minutes! I became a collector of all small bags [until] I was 16 then one day something just switched and I gave them all away and converted to living a simple life. And I am kicking myself everytime I remember all the cute bags I had that are back in [style] while I’m living in my no brand life— happily though!"


4. Heaven Peralejo

"The Louis Vuitton Twist MM bag has a very sentimental value to me not only because it was my first luxury owned bag, but also because it reminds me of my hard work—literally tears and sweat. I was actually hesitant to buy this at first (considering its price. OMG. RIP, wallet) but after several convincing from my kikay self, eventually I gave in because I do believe I deserve this naman. I really treasure this bag and it's something that I wont easily let go off."

PHOTO BY Instagram/heavenperalejo

PHOTO BY Instagram/heavenperalejo

5. Julie Anne San Jose

"My first ever purchase was a Prada leather tote bag. I bought it in London last 2018 as far as I can remember. It was one of the most memorable purchases I've ever had with my own savings." 

PHOTO BY photo courtesy of julie anne san jose

6. Mika Salamanca

"The first designer bag that I purchased is the Louis Vuitton Speedy 25. I wanted my first designer bag to be a classic piece that wouldn’t come and go along with trends; I also wanted a bag that would match almost any outfit. The Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, being a customized bag for Audrey Hepburn, already proves its timelessness. Also being a fan of Audrey myself, it’s a win-win for my first purchase."

PHOTO BY Instagram/mikaslmnc

7. Shanika Silverio

"My first one was the Vintage Dior Mini Saddle."

PHOTO BY Instagram/shanikasilverio
PHOTO BY Instagram/shanikasilverio

8. Verniece Enciso

"I used to be so frugal when it comes to buying designer items with my hard earned money but after five years of working, I finally got to reward myself with a White Vintage Classic Chanel Bag. It was always my dream to own one because I would only see it in my grandma’s closet. I can honestly say that it was from my grandma’s influence why my sister and I started our luxury collection and why we love fashion so much."

PHOTO BY Youtube/vernverniece enciso

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