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The newest Thai addition to Rockwell has us feeling extra hot.
Celadon The newest Thai addition to Rockwell has us feeling extra hot.

Craving for Thai food? Head on to Celadon, newly opened contemporary Thai restaurant found in Power Plant, Rockwell.

Upon entering the restaurant, the refreshing green interiors and beautifully-decorated walls greet you, all designed by Ivy and Cynthia Almario. The ambience sets the mood for the hearty feast you are about to have.


Thai cuisine is all about marrying four flavors—sweet, salty, spicy, and sour—and in Celadon, you'll find dishes that feature all of these flavors without overpowering each other, all under Chef Cheryl Pineda. Our favorites are the white noodles drizzled with spiced vinegar (very refreshing!) and their spicy chicken and beef curry... but it's hard to choose, seeing that they serve around a hundred dishes.

True to its name, they serve their dishes on ceramic utensils all the way from Lampang, Thailand. Celadon is a kind of high-fired ceramic famously handcrafted and baked using old-style techniques. These details make dining in Celadon a truly wonderful Thai experience. 

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