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Cats And Their Humans

It's a frisky business for these 7 celebrity kitties.
Cats And Their Humans It's a frisky business for these 7 celebrity kitties.

Are you a cat lover? Then you might have something in common with these local and international celebrities with a thing for felines. Below, discover their love stories that will surely make you go aww—or rather, meow.


Lea Michele's cat Sheila is just as used to being under the spotlight as her celebrity mom. They even appeared together on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where the actress talked about their feline love story.


If you follow Anne Curtis on Instagram, then you're already familiar with the Exotic Shorthair frequenting her IG posts. Meet Mogwai Curtis Smith—Anne’s cuddly fur ball with a squishy face and the chubbiest cheeks! To state the obvious, this lucky cat is part of the family.


If this photo isn't enough proof of how much Katy Perry adores cats, try to remember her I Kissed A Girl music video where her very own feline friend made a cameo appearance. Want another fun trivia? The cat's name is Kitty Purry. No, seriously.


Even the rockstar princess Yeng Constantino shares a deep adoration for kittens. In fact, she has not just one, not even two, but get this—three furry pets at home! She named them Remus, Romulus, and Julia.


This music superstar may be a total sweetheart, but apparently, she can be catty when it comes to Meredith Gray and Olivia Benson. Nobody messes with Tay Sway's babies! And don't say we didn't warn you.


Tim Yap and Juanita The Cat's relationship is living proof that you can find love in a hopeless place. After saving the poor kitten from getting run over one cold night, Tim gave her a home and they lived happily ever after.


Last and obviously not the least, there's no way we can discuss cats without mentioning Karl Lagerfeld's "spoiled pussy whose maids pamper her every need." Apart from having her own Instagram account, Choupette Lagerfeld also has two personal assistants, exclusive access to a private jet, and, well, unlimited Chanel to last a lifetime. Or nine.