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What If We Tell You That Filipinas Are Exactly Zac Efron's Type?

Catch the attention of Zac Efron the way Michelle Rodriguez and Vanessa Hudgens did.
What If We Tell You That Filipinas Are Exactly Zac Efron's Type? Catch the attention of Zac Efron the way Michelle Rodriguez and Vanessa Hudgens did.

Just a few days after Zac Efron (and this article) got our hopes up about a possible rekindling with ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, we were greeted Monday morning with photos of him getting cozy with Michelle Rodriguez in Italy! Although it broke our hearts yet again, the good news is that the issue allowed us to find a silver lining. Now we (sort of) know Zac's type! To make things even better, not that we're bragging or anything, but let's just say we have it in the bag.


They call it exotic beauty, we call it the Filipina appeal. We've noticed a trend, and olive skinned beauties with matching dark locks are just a few of the similarities the two ladies Zac had and has his eyes on have. If you're looking to find ways to get the attention of the blue-eyed hottie, scroll down to see what you'll need. 

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A Striped Bikini

Oops, we spot identical swimmies on Vanessa and Michelle. Whether this is coincidence or a sign, you can't go wrong with getting a classic striped bikini, no biggie. They're flattering, timeless, and Zac certainly likes seeing them on girls. We spotted a pair from Roxy that you can try.

A Toned Bod


Zac surely loves a girl who knows how to take care of herself.  Ladies, we suggest hitting the gym not just for him, but also for yourself. Try these Stella McCartney babies from adidas, and remember, the rainy season is not an excuse

A Perfect Tan

No doubt, both Vanessa and Michelle are certified beach babes. Not only do they have the bodies to match their striped bikinis, but they also have dewy and youthful skin to boot. Get that look even when you're not at the beach (how could we in this weather?) by using a highlighting lotion. Not morena? No problem, you can try Revlon's Skinlights in bronze light to get illuminating skin via a faux-tan done discreetly.


Dark Locks and Bad-ass Attitude

The High School Musical lead and Fast and the Furious star both have naturally dark hair and equally tough personalities. Although most of us are already born with black hair, we could all use the help of the L'oreal Paris Feria Midnight Star Hair Color in soft black. We suggest you start loving the roots you were born with before you think about dying your hair blonde. 


Show Off Your Skills

Having a talent or two won't hurt either. Aside from being good actresses, both Michelle and Vanessa have other special skills they can brag about . Vanessa can sing while Michelle can drive, like, really drive. How about you? What do you have to offer?


Photo credit @vanessahudgens and @mrodofficial on Instagram


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