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Caring For Fashion: Leather Bags And Shoes

Experts help solve your Leather woes.
Caring For Fashion: Leather Bags And Shoes Experts help solve your Leather woes.

There is nothing quite like a bag or a fine pair of shoes made from genuine leather. That buttery soft feel, that delicious leathery smell, and that sense of pride you get when sporting luxurious leather just can't be beat . We've all spent a pretty penny on the real deal, but it's important to know that leather is not just your ordinary wear-and-tear material. It does need a little TLC once in awhile to keep it in tip-top shape. Just like we painstakingly look after our own skin, so must we look after leather-it is skin too, after all.

The Basics
Leather can last for decades with proper care and storage. After every use, wipe and clean your shoes and bags with a damp soft cloth before storing them. Use leather conditioner or moisturizer a few times a year to keep leather shiny and durable.

Proper storage is crucial to keeping leather's lifespan long. Store shoes in shoe trees so they keep their shape. If you don't have shoe trees available to you, paper is another stuffing option.

Bags should be stuffed and placed in individual cloth dust bags. Silica gel can help prevent moisture build up and can stop the growth of mold, so throw a packet or two in your bag's storage cases. Always store leather goods away from sunlight or moisture. Never store leather in plastic cases; remember that your leather needs to breathe.

Now that you know the basics, it's on to problem-solving. Style Bible talks to leather care experts Lally Dizon and Trisha Cuason of Vintage Restore, as well as Joanna Preysler Francisco of Tint and Carbon, to learn just what to do when you encounter a leather good boo boo.

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-Renee Puno, Editorial Assistant