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4 Care Tips For Your Cactus

Because having a green thumb is so en Vogue.
4 Care Tips For Your Cactus Because having a green thumb is so en Vogue.

I think it was a photo of Victoria Beckham wearing gardening boots and a Stephen Jones tweed hat in Vogue UK’s August 2014 issue that convinced me that having a green thumb would become the new black. Next thing I knew, everyone’s flatlays featured some sort of potted thing juxtaposed with their Macbooks and magazines. Finally, I convinced myself to try and take care of a cactus (it was a giveaway from an event we attended). But sadly after five months, I arrived at the office on a Monday morning to find my plant looking like it never got out of its Biyernes Santo slump. Here are a few care tips I should have taken note of.


Many cacti and succulents are well adapted to living indoors. Placing them near a bright window would be best or if natural light is insufficient, a cool white fluorescent tube will suffice. Of course you still need to turn them around and let them have their sun once in a while.


Over watering is the worst enemy of cacti. One way to find out if they have enough water is through the Popsicle test: Place a Popsicle stick in the soil. If the soil sticks to the stick when removed, then there’s no need for you to water it yet.


Cacti prefer drained soil so be sure to empty the base saucers of excess waters. The best is a mix of two parts compost, one part red soil, and a half part sand. Cacti don’t need a lot of fertilizing, though it would help once in a while.


Check your plant every now and then for pests and insects. Your worst nightmare would be realizing that it’s the breeding ground of your office roaches. Eww!

Photos from @cactusofinstagram on Instagram

Gif by Yayay De Castro

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