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Britney Spears Had a Major Wardrobe Malfunction

And she made it werq!
Britney Spears Had a Major Wardrobe Malfunction And she made it werq!

The Sin City’s reining queen Britney Spears is on full speed. With her Piece of Me show extended through 2017, the pop diva shows no signs of slowing down as nothing can stop her, not even a wardrobe booboo. Just recently, Brit experienced what would be any performer’s worst nightmare (we’re looking at you Janet Jackson), which is an on-stage wardrobe malfunction while in the heat of her sexy “3” performance.

There she was, clad in a skin-tight mesh and latex bodysuit. She was popping her hips and flipping her hair when, all of a sudden, the back zipper came running down, exposing her bare back. Her back-up dancers rushed to her side and tried to zip it back up mid-performance while she continued to sashay away ever so casually. By the end of the number, the lights were closed but still Brit’s zipper was left open. No biggie, though! She kept her cool throughout the routine, rushing backstage as soon as it ended - just like a true pro. You go, Britney!


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