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10 Chic Bridesmaid Dress Styles to Consider for Your Wedding Entourage

Find the perfect dresses for your #BrideTribe!
10 Chic Bridesmaid Dress Styles to Consider for Your Wedding Entourage
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Find the perfect dresses for your #BrideTribe!

We all know that picking out your own wedding dress can be a fashion debacle on its own. But choosing bridesmaid dresses for your bridal entourage? Now that might come in tricky, too. After all, there are many things to consider, such as finding dresses that’ll fit the theme, flatter everyone’s physique, and of course, please the your taste. So if you haven’t locked in ideas on a Pinterest board just yet, check out these chic bridesmaid dress styles to choose from for your best girlfriends.

1. Go the classic route and choose one shade but in different styles.

Having your bridal entourage dressed in one shade (and often in the same exact fabric) is a tried and tested wedding classic. It’s more on the safer side of the spectrum, so get creative and have the dresses made in different cuts and styles. Take inspiration from Coleen Garcia’s bridal entourage, who wore Tiffany blue gowns in different iterations. Oh, and plus points for the hand-painted flower for the extra touch of uniqueness.

2. Opt for one color but in varying different hues.


There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your bridesmaids wear your favorite color in the most beautiful shades. The great thing about this is you can opt to have the dresses in the same style and cut for a more uniform look, or you can go crazy in different cuts and designs if that's more your jam. 

3. Silk dresses will never go out of style.



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There’s something about silk that makes any garment look elegant. If timelessness is your main priority, try dressing up your bridesmaids in silk dresses. We know silk is a classic, but you can also try the more unusual bridesmaid dress cuts like a cool midi frock or a dress with a cut-out.

4. If you don’t mind sharing the spotlight, let them wear white, too!


While brides should be the center of attention on their big day, more and more women are opting to have their bridesmaids dressed in white, too. This is especially popular among weddings who require an all-white dress code. If you’re keen on this idea, let your bridesmaids get decked out in pearly white dresses that aren’t too fussy or heavily designed. After all, the bride’s wedding dress should still be the standout in a sea of white. 

5. Let your girls glide down the aisle in strategically mismatched florals.


A bridal entourage clad in strategically mismatched florals is a fun idea to consider. A perfect example is Isabelle Daza’s outdoor wedding in Tuscany, where the bridesmaids wore unique yet still complementary floral gowns. 

6. Keep it simple with well-made slip dresses.

Simple, slinky, and sexy–a well-made slip dress is a good idea whatever the bride's sartorial taste is. It’s also a safe choice for a beach or a garden wedding in the tropics, due to its light and airy design. But since it’s more on the hubadera side, you might want to have them made in a floor-length iteration to look more polished.


7. Might we suggest dresses made of piña for a beach wedding?

For a beach bride who’s planning a rustic and ethereal wedding, you might want to consider bridesmaid dresses made of piña fabric. Since a beach wedding is more on the casual side, have fun and have the dresses made in totally mismatched cuts and hemlines. Check out Gabbie Sarenas’ gorgeous contemporary piña creations just to give you an idea.  


8. Make an unforgettable entrance with a bridal entourage clad in fun jewel-toned dresses.


A bride who’s not afraid of color is rare, and so is a bridal entourage donning a fun and bold color palette. If you and your girls just want to have fun, choose a variety of bridesmaid dresses in fun jewel tones for a good measure!

9. Have the girls dress up in tulle for a romantic vibe.


A romantic wedding calls for a romantic dress and that includes your bridal entourage’s looks. A tulle dress is a perfect option due to its flowy and dreamy aesthetic. Check out Martin Bautista’s chic tulle creations to get inspired.

10. Let everyone sparkle in metallics for a sunset wedding.


If you’re having a sunset wedding and want your bridal entourage dressed to the nines, a metallic or sparkly dress is a perfect fit for the occasion. You can opt for beaded gowns if it’s in the budget, or try dresses in bronze or gold for a bold statement. 

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