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Bridal Picks from the Newly-Opened Rosa Clará Boutique

For a beach and autumn wedding!
Bridal Picks from the Newly-Opened Rosa Clará Boutique For a beach and autumn wedding!

Earlier this week, Preview's Features & Copy Editor Jae Pickrell and I were invited to attend the opening of Spanish bridal boutique Rosa Clará's S Maison branch. With weddings on our minds, we set to the store with the objective to find the perfect wedding dress. 


Lots of ladies already have an idea of what they're gonna wear down the aisle, having fantasized about their big day since they were little girls playing dress-up. Not me. But when my fiancé popped the question, it suddenly became top priority—the most important outfit I had to plan for the most important event and party in my life yet. 

So I immediately tried to figure out how I’d like to look like. But what first came to mind were things I don’t wanna look like, so I came up with a proscriptive list: no to boho, no to lace, no to froufrou, no to heavy beadwork and embellishment, and definitely no to trends. Basically, I don’t wanna look like a fairy, a wedding cake, or a trendy relic from a specific fashion minute during my wedding. 

The dress (or dresses?) will have to be minimalist, then, which is great because my fiancé and I would like to get married in Japan—once in Tokyo, then again in Kyoto or another scenic prefecture, likely in fall—so my gowns will contrast nicely with whatever spectacular venue we choose. I saw a few options in Rosa Clará’s catalogue that made me think that buying off the rack could be a worthwhile option.

IMAGE Rosa Clara

I have a thing for high-necked silhouettes as they accentuate my pixie haircut, so this grabbed my attention right away. Love the versatility and drama of the removable top that also functions as a train.


IMAGE Rosa Clara

How cute would this be for the civil ceremony? It’s a flirty alternative to the wedding suit I had in mind. And all that flounce would be fun for all the post-ceremony dancing, not to mention a useful camouflage for the wedding meal, aka sushi binge.  

IMAGE Rosa Clara

Love how simple this is, but I’m imagining it with an ostentatious fur capelet to ward off the autumn chill. 


Since my wedding is taking place in La Union, I was on the hunt for a dress that looked light and airy, something that could hold up to the heat. Though they didn't have a lot of dresses in-store, I perused their catalogue and quickly found a few options. 

IMAGE Rosa Clara

I'm a sucker for back details. Since that's what my guests will be seeing during the ceremony, might as well make the pictures worthwhile, right? 

IMAGE Rosa Clara

Ethereal is what I'm hoping to channel, and this dress is part wood nymph and a whole lot of romance. I especially love the tattooed effect on the arms, creating barely-there sleeves of entwined lace vines. 

IMAGE Rosa Clara

I'm a tiny girl, so wearing a big wedding gown that will potentially drown me isn't an option. But this one is hard to resist! I can't pick my favorite detail—the minimally decorated bare back, the subtly dramatic train, or the fact that it has pockets. 

You can find Rosa Clará's second boutique at S Maison at Conrad Hotel.