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What Is Orseund Iris and Why Do Celebrities Love This Insta-Brand?

Check out the girls we spotted wearing it!
What Is Orseund Iris and Why Do Celebrities Love This Insta-Brand?
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/martine, reneeedg
Check out the girls we spotted wearing it!

Orseund Iris—sounds like a mouthful, we know. But this is how you say it: Oar-sund Eye-riss.

Okay, so now that have that out of the way... Why do the cool girls of Instagram love it anyway? Aimee Song, Kylie Jenner, Martine Cajucom-Ho, and Marian Rivera are some of the celebs we've spotted wearing this brand. 

That said, here's everything you need to know about this New York-based label.

The founder

Alana Johnson started from the atelier of Rosie Assoulin and had her formal training at the Fashion Institute of Design where she learned the basics and was able to explore her aesthetic as a designer. She favors nostalgic and vintage pieces that essentially reflect on her pieces.

The non-seasonal concept

OI started as a collection-based label and pivoted to a seasonless brand. Alana said in an interview that this move lifted pressure from following fashion cycles and allowed her to break free, giving her more creative control. She explained, "I soon realized that focusing on my own business model would give me the ability to make what I wanted, when I wanted to."


Its copycats

In the age of social media where successful brands are eventually copied, Orseund Iris is often plagued with knockoffs. While Alana believes that inspiration is everywhere and even admits that she references the '90s a lot in her work, she does not condone blatant copies. Moreover, as a designer, she tests out her pieces herself before officially launching them. That way, she gets a feel of her design and is able to gauge her potential market.

Its claim to fame: the tube top

A recurring theme in Orseund Iris and perhaps what could be considered as its signifier is its focus on a woman's silhouette—particularly the breasts. It was unintentional, as revealed by Alana, but her design core is rooted in making women feel powerful in her clothes.

How Insta-girls are wearing it

Martine Cajucom hops on the monochrome dressing trend and pairs her ribbed knit top with light-colored linen trousers.


Marian Rivera echoes the same styling trick and adds a stark white Alexander McQueen bag to finish her look.

Georgina Wilson turns the tank top into an office-friendly piece by wearing a blazer over it.

Renee De Guzman, on the other hand, makes a case for the tube top as a travel essential. It's a piece you'll want to wear on the beach or to cooler places where you can pair it with jeans and layer with a coat.