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11 Types of Casual and Laidback Bralette Top Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

For those “I have nothing to wear” days.
11 Types of Casual and Laidback Bralette Top Every Woman Needs in Her Closet
IMAGE Instagram/pamelaandres, Instagram/rose.abao
For those “I have nothing to wear” days.

When in doubt, you can always rely on a trusty crop top for a foolproof everyday OOTD! This wardrobe staple comes in a myriad of forms, but one style we’ve been loving, in particular, is a bralette crop top! A bralette is just like your regular bra, albeit with less structure since it doesn’t come with any underwire or molding and can be worn on its own without another top over it. 

If you find yourself drawing blanks on what to wear on a casual day out, a bralette top has got you covered! They’re the perfect laidback piece to throw on for an instantly cute and effortless ‘fit. These tops are also great for those moments when you want to feel more unrestricted, yet still want some light support throughout the day. 

Need a bit more convincing? We’ve rounded up a few bralette styles you can cop that are sure to have you feeling comfy yet chic on your next outing!


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1. Lacey Bralette Crop Top

A lacey bralette crop top is Ashley Garcia’s choice for an early 2000s-inspired OOTD! The queen of Y2K dressing opted for a floral printed one to go with her white wardrobe pieces for a subtle pop of color. So dainty!

ashley garcia  bralette crop top bralette casual ootd
PHOTO BY Instagram/ashleyogarcia
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2. Denim Bralette Crop Top

Gone are the days when a denim-on-denim looks was considered a fashion faux pas. Chelsea Valencia shows that an all-denim OOTD won't look out of date if you pay attention to the wash and cut. Having trouble finding a denim bralette? You can actually DIY it at home just like Chelsea who crafted her top herself out of an old pair of jeans!

bralette crop top bralette casual ootd chelsea valencia
PHOTO BY Instagram/chelsvalencia

3. Asymmetrical Bralette Crop Top

A unique take on the bralette crop top is going for one with an asymmetrical cut. Take style cues from Alliana Dolina as she opted for a bralette with a one-shoulder detail that instantly elevated her casual OOTD!

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PHOTO BY Instagram/allianadolina

4. Floral Bralette Crop Top

If you want to channel your inner soft girl, then a floral bralette is the one for you! Try out this swoon-worthy bralette top from By Abimer that features a delicate flower print and eyelet design to live out your dainty aesthetic IRL.

PHOTO BY Instagram/kenziekinsella_

5. Off-Shoulder Bralette Crop Top

The beach calls for a skin-baring OOTD and what could be more fitting than a bralette crop top? Jamina Cruz made the right call by wearing an off-shoulder bralette top that kept her looking fresh all day despite being under the sun!


jamina cruz bralette crop top casual ootd
PHOTO BY Instagram/jaminacruz


6. Bright-Colored Bralette Crop Top

A no-fail way to stand out is by sporting a bright colored ‘fit! Here, Christiana Collings donned a vivid, tangerine-hued bralette crop top teamed with the same colored midi skirt that created a quick, summer-ready look during her vacation!

chritiana collings bralette crop top casual ootd
PHOTO BY Instagram/christianacollings

7. Hubadera Bralette Crop Top

If you’re new to the whole hubadera style but are eager to try it out, a bralette crop top makes it a breeze! Go for one that reveals a decent amount of skin to the level that you’re comfortable with. In Pamela Andres’ case, a bralette top with a deep sweetheart neckline and thin straps made for the perfect piece to flaunt her body while providing coverage in all the right places.

pamela andres bralette crop top casual ootd
PHOTO BY Instagram/pamelaandres

8. Neutral Bralette Crop Top

Neutral pieces are a must if you’re building your capsule wardrobe. A neutral-toned bralette’s versatility is unmatched since this crop top can work with just about any outfit pairing! Case in point: Kris Bernal’s beige-colored bralette that she balanced out with a pair of colorful patterned shorts and chunky sandals.

kris bernal bralette crop top casual ootd
PHOTO BY Instagram/krisbernal

9. Bandeau Style Crop Top

A bandeau is a no-frills bralette crop top you can cop for those days when you have “nothing to wear. As seen here on Ashley Colet, her all-white bralette is a basic piece that can be styled with a pair of baggy pants and chunky jewelry for an effortlessly laidback OOTD.

bralette crop top bralette casual ootd Ashley colet
PHOTO BY Instagram/itsashleycolet_

10. Long-Sleeve Crop Top

To balance out the midriff-baring nature of a bralette crop top, opt for one that features long sleeves just like Lorin Gutierrez’s black piece! This way, you still get plenty of coverage while being able to display your toned abdomen. 

lorin gutierrez bralette crop top casual ootd
PHOTO BY Instagram/loringabriella

11. Strappy Bralette Crop Top

Another unique take on the bralette crop top is this one on Rose Abao with strappy criss-cross details covering her stomach and chest for a low-key sultry feel.

rose abao bralette crop top
PHOTO BY Instagram/rose.abao

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