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Boutique Of The Week: The Dainty Shop

This shop has a smorgasbord of affordable finds.
Boutique Of The Week: The Dainty Shop This shop has a smorgasbord of affordable finds.
Brand Profile
The Dainty Shop is the brainchild of young e-preneur, Erika Rodica. An avid online shopper herself, Erika was inspired by the numerous online shops in Multiply. “Since I was still on allowance, I thought it would be a good idea to earn a little so I can shop more,” she shares. “This shop has everything I want for myself.”

Since then, Erika has been sourcing products to sell: shoes and clothes from Korea, Hong Kong, and Bangkok as well as beauty products from her trusty dermatologist. She also purchased some materials to make accessories but never had the time to put her hands on them. “That's when my mom came into the picture,” she says.

Erika's mom, Jing Lejano, former Editor-in-chief of Good Housekeeping, endeavored into experimenting with her daughter's untouched materials and came up with one of today's hottest add-ons, the harness necklaces.

The Dainty Shop represents Erika's tastes in clothes, shoes and accessories. It's for young, modern women with a touch of that girly factor.


All the shoes and clothes are imported from different parts of Asia. The accessories are handmade locally. They have a good mix of trendy, classic, chic and sophisticated items. They also have beauty products that are all dermatological-tested. “Everything is affordable,” Erika says.

The Dainty Shop updates products twice a month and ships to anywhere.

The Dainty Shop appeals to young ladies, who like to mix and match, layer and accessorize. “Initially, I sourced for products that I would wear. And then I started expanding to cover more styles,” Erika explains.

Price Range

Accessories go from P300 to P600; shoes from P1000 to P1500; and clothes from P700 to P900.


Click on to see a sampling of their products.

-Nikki Santiago, Fashion Assistant>
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