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Boutique Of The Week: Reckless Erika

Boutique Of The Week: Reckless Erika

Online shopping rocks! So we figured, it's fitting to share our special finds in the world wide web. After all, everyone's going digital!

This week, we present: Reckless Erika

Brand Profile
Reckless Erika is a Singapore-based shop consisting of a team of four: Afton Chen, Diorelle Sy, Louis Koh and Ruth Marbun. They also ship to the Philippines, as one of the members, Diorelle, is Filipino. The four met at Raffles Design Institute in Singapore and decided to do a major collaboration. They launched their brand at the Audi Fashion Festival in May 2009.

Within a year, Reckless Erika has been able to establish an online shop and three boutiques in Singapore. They plan to expand systematically within Singapore in the next two years and further into the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and other countries in Asia; hopefully a flagship store within five years.

“The label encompasses the whole spirit of the co-founders as risk-taking, fun-loving, and adventurous,” says Diorelle. “(As) unconventional and off-beat as it sounds, it is in line with the brand's personality,”

The main concept of Reckless Erika is to balance classic tailoring with edgy silhouettes and colors.

Reckless Erika has a mix of almost everything: tank tops, pant suits, dress shirts, jersey dresses, and leggings. “We want our customers to mix and match our formal wear with the casual wear to create an interesting look,” Diorelle adds.

Their second collection aptly called “Escapism” captures the notion of an individual crossing into an ethereal state where time stands still. It is sort of a mind trip filled with mostly distorted silhouettes, with a generous dose of draping. They use luxuriously soft and eco-friendly modal fabric and bamboo jerseys.

Products are updated regularly, with new items every month.


“We get inspired by music, art, films, fabrics, and anything that interests us,” Diorelle shares. The challenge? “There's a conscious effort for us to be daring and experimental because fashion is constantly evolving, and the thirst for something new and something different is more prominent now in the fashion scene,” she explains.

The brand is basically for people who are a bit eccentric with a strong sense of individuality; someone who understands structure, yet has a laid-back sense style.

Price range
Menswear ranges from P2000 to P6000 (suits) while womenswear ranges from P1500 to P6000 (one-of dresses).


Click on to see a sampling of their products.

-Nikki Santiago, Fashion Assistant

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