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Let Boom Sason Teach You How To Create A Home Office

Get this: She has a special "Rihanna wall."
Let Boom Sason Teach You How To Create A Home Office Get this: She has a special "Rihanna wall."

For fashion designer Boom Sason, living so close to work is both a blessing and a curse. On the positive side, it’s easy for her to just escape into her bedroom or kitchen when she feels like taking a break from dealing with deadlines. But on the other end, she sometimes feels that her space is more of an office than a home. Starting off a new series, Style Bible pays her a visit and takes a peek into her minimalist home and work space.

Your duplex is so conveniently located inside San Lorenzo Village. How did you find it?

I was staying in Eastwood but then I found the space a little too cramped. I really just wanted to have more space because I was already planning to set up a shop. My broker and I started looking at houses in San Lo and this was actually the first place we looked at. The downstairs part was so dark but then when I checked the unit upstairs, all the light came in. The location is just perfect for my clients because it’s close to the corner of Amorsolo Street and Pasay Road.


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Clothes racks lined against the walls and stacks of books that fill up blank corners make up the “clutter” in Boom’s study.

How did you design your space?

It was actually photographer Roy Macam’s project. He made it his first venture into interior design. He actually shot my first collection’s lookbook and at that time I was moving in here (in Makati.) He then offered to fix up the space and so I just told him what I wanted: everything in black and white.


What made you trust Roy when it came to designing it?

I really loved working with him. We just instantly clicked and he kind of knew what I wanted. He was the one who picked out most of the pieces. He was the one who got the couch, the pillows, the lamps, and even the table!


Rihanna collectibles are found in almost every corner of Boom's studio.

I see a lot of Rihanna here.

I actually toned it down! I put all my things on a Rihanna wall.

There’s a Rihanna wall?

Yeah! I really just collect everything, especially all her magazines. I liked her since the beginning but it was only until when “Diamonds” came out then that’s when I really got into her. So I started collecting and eventually my friends would give me more items to add to the growing collection.

Out of all those pieces, which one is your favorite?

The magazines. Each time she lands a magazine cover, I always try to get that. Also whenever I see her wearing something, I try to get it. My Christian Lacroix necklace and Tom Ford sandals, I got those because she was wearing them. All her MAC collaborations, I got it, and I mean EVERYTHING from the collection. It’s a bit crazy. [Laughs]


The Rihanna Wall, lined with magazines and books, sits at the end of a glass room where her assistant holds office.

So where do you go to look for furniture?

Most of my furniture I accumulated during my travels. It just so happens that everything worked when we put it together in my space. I had the dining table outside custom made and the couches in the living room are from Singapore when I lived there. Actually, if you notice, I don’t really like having a lot of things. I find the studio to be a bit full! [Laughs]


Clearly your interior design aesthetic doesn’t veer too far from your fashion design aesthetic.

Yes. I like things clean and minimal. I don’t go too crazy with prints or anything busy. I like things to be more neutral so I try to edit. My job can be quite hectic so I like that I see a lot of clear space. It really clears my head. I was lucky that they had just recently refurbished when I moved in. The walls were repainted just the way I wanted it to be: in neutral tones and a lot of white. I don’t really like rustic interiors. For me, I just want it to look bright and open.

Any tips you’d like to share for those who are planning on setting up a home office like yours?

First and foremost you have to like your environment. For me, the reason why I like to keep it clean and simple is because I really hate clutter and it doesn’t make me concentrate. When I see clutter I worry about it and I can be a little obsessive compulsive so it definitely distracts me. For me, the less distractions, the better. For me, an open space creates an open mind. But then that’s just me.


Two skulls sit at opposite ends of Boom's work desk. Her version of gargoyles perhaps?


Photos by Jasper Salceda