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BLOGGER SLAM BOOK: Patricia Prieto (Paradigma)

“My guilty pleasure is playing video games.”
BLOGGER SLAM BOOK: Patricia Prieto (Paradigma) “My guilty pleasure is playing video games.”

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How did you come up with your blog name?

I originally wanted it to be called Paradigm Shift but realized that there was a local brand with that name the time I wanted to launch my blog. Then I thought, why not try to translate “Paradigm” into another language to create my blog name since it would have the same meaning anyway. So, because I have Spanish blood in me, I decided to go with the direct Spanish translation of Paradigm and VOILA! And that’s how my blog name Paradigma came about.

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  • I have a huge crush on ____________.

Answer: My boyfriend. Lol!

  • I make a mean __________.

Answer: Truffle pasta

  • My most unforgettable fangirl moment was ________________.

Answer:  When my favorite blogger Aimee Song once retweeted a tweet of mine. I took screenshots.

  • I can never leave home without _______________.

Answer: My phone and my camera

  • My guilty pleasure is ________________.

Answer: Playing video games

  • The last quote that made me go ‘That is so true!’ was ____________.

Answer: When my blogger besties and I were talking about our funny #BloggerProblems on our chat group. Haha!

  • I am a self-confessed ___________.

Answer: Music lover


  • Signature pose? Just acting like there’s no camera there, trying to be all nonchalant and cool.
  • Favorite editing app and/or filter? Snapseed and I don’t usually use filters.
  • Favorite foodstagram? EVERYTHING! But mostly coffee.
  • Pet peeve? Whenever I see guys holding the purse of their girlfriend around the mall. No offense.
  • Favorite karaoke jam? Last I remember, anything from the ‘90s to the early 2000s! 
  • Dream travel destination? Africa or Japan.


  • Shoefie: Flats or Heels? Heels
  • Lipstick: Matte or Glossy? Matte
  • Instagram Grid: Colorful or Washed-out? Colorful
  • Fiction: Harry Potter or Twilight? Harry Potter
  • Closet staple: LBD or LWD? LBD! No fail.
  • Writing: Nosebleed or Passion? Passion


What’s the best comment you’ve ever received on your blog?

Just the mere fact that someone leaves a comment saying that I inspire them or something like that always falls under the “best comments” category for me.

And the worst?

So far no bad comments that I can remember recently, but someone did tell me once that I didn’t dress well. OH WELL! Lol.

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