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Blogger Challenge: Wide-legged Trousers

Six fashion bloggers show us how to wear wide-legged trousers.
Blogger Challenge: Wide-legged Trousers Six fashion bloggers show us how to wear wide-legged trousers.

Noelle Chantal Roquero
BLOG: Noelle Chantal

What made you try this trend?
I'm really a skirt or dress person and this is my very first outfit sporting trousers (you can even check my blog for reference). The amount of wideness I'm looking for is just right and I think the neon-like color of the trousers is very unusual. I also couldn't resist the rare texture—velvet and sheer houndstooth print. It's really strange because I do own a lot of pretty to even crazy pantalons/trousers, but for some reason, I never got the chance to wear them.

How did you build your outfit around it?
Since the color of my trousers is bright and the texture is already rich, a simple plain top did the job. I just added another pop of color, wearing pastel shoes to make the entire look unique and not too predictable. And I think wearing gold accessory is best to complete the look. I love seeing gold against pastel colors.

How did you style it to make the look your own?
Styling my outfit with one of a kind pieces, like for example, this gold vintage necklace and gold dragon bracelet I wore, gave the entire look a lot of character. Experimenting with odd pairings and bold pieces is really my thing.

How did you balance your look to avoid making it look over-the-top?
Wearing too many trendy pieces in one outfit, plus styling with too much accessories will definitely make the entire outfit looking clumsy. The secret is keeping the look simple, fresh yet stylish. Highlighting few key pieces is the perfect way to achieve a more polished and well-put together look.

How did you accessorize?
It really depends, but for this specific look, the trousers are already a showstopper with its shocking color and very nice texture, so few accessories is the best thing to do. Adding another color, like my salmon colored wedges, in this outfit is quite tricky, but this can make the entire look unique and fresh! I guess looking classy and a bit quirk is my trademark when creating a look.

Can you give tips on how to wear this trend?
Be very careful in choosing the right flare for your body shape. Remember that wide-legged trousers will surely be a major piece in your outfit. Incorporating only few accessories will keep the look chic and not too busy. And also, don't hesitate to experiment and add pieces that will give the look a lot of character!

How would you wear it during the day, night, to the beach, to a party, to work?
For day: brown Oxfords, boyfriend's gray sweater, dad's gold watch, mom's bib necklace, a Speedy bag and neon trousers, for running errands.


For night: my Wisteria peach wedges, Miu Miu white top, vintage gold necklace, gold dragon bracelet, mom's vintage Lucite purse and neon trousers, for a night to lounge with friends, like what I wore in the photo.

For the beach (day or night): barefoot, mini tube top (in peach), pastel scarf tied as a belt, gold octopus earrings, a sun-kissed tan and neon trousers.

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