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Blogger Challenge: Tangerine

We zone in on this year's pantone color.
Blogger Challenge: Tangerine We zone in on this year's pantone color.

Mandi Garcia
Blog: Chic Material

What made you want to try this trend?
It's a fun color, tangerine has always been about being fresh and bringing in spirit and confidence!

How do you build your outfit around it?
Tangerine can really stand out, so I suggest you simplify everything else around it. Neutrals, solid colors, and simple accessories will keep it classy, whereas prints and chunkiness may turn the look over-the-top or even '70s; nonetheless it's up to you how you want to play around with the color.

How do you make the look your own?
What I like doing with my attires is that when you look at it from afar you see a simple attire, but when you look closely and see the details, you appreciate the look a lot more.

How do you balance your outfit to avoid making it look over-the-top?
I tried to keep everything simple, but I didn't want to wear just any other top for the pants. I chose this dress which I turned into a top, it has uneven sleeves. I matched that up with this tribal-looking necklace, a banig bag, and thick strappy wedges.

Can you give tips on how to wear this trend?
Have fun with it and when you wear it make sure that you've got the disposition to match, because it won't be as appealing if the brightness of the overall look is the opposite of the mood you're in.

How would you wear it during the day, night, to a party, to work?
It really depends on your mood! Tangerine brightens up any situation and whether it be for work, a party, or just shopping in the mall you'll feel fresh and cheerful!

Blue dress, Hong Kong. Off-white wedges, Hong Kong. Brown necklace, Hong Kong. Tangerine pants, bazaar find. Woven bag, mother's.

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