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Blogger Challenge: Menswear

Four fashion bloggers share their take on the androgynous look!
Blogger Challenge: Menswear Four fashion bloggers share their take on the androgynous look!

Alyssa Lapid

Blog: My Beautiful World

Alyssa LapidWhat is the androgynous piece in this ensemble and what do you like about it? 


 The polo. It’s so comfortable.I also like how the look changes with the number of buttons open/closed. You can make it sexy by opening more and make it more preppy by buttoning all.

How else would you style it?

I’d wear it with anything. If not shorts, dresses, I’d wear it with pants. You can also tie it by the waistline and show some belly!

What do you love about the menswear as womenswear trend?

I’m such a fan of this trend—to the point that I actually buy men’s clothes for myself. I love that it’s so comfortable! You can wear the loosest pieces and it’ll look good. Plus, it’s best kept simple so you don’t have to worry about accessorizing.

How do you build your outfit around it?

You know how boys dress up? They literally just get what they find and go. I think that with menswear that really is how it works because the pieces are so versatile. So I just grabbed pieces I liked and threw them on. Then I polished the look by tucking in/out, and buttoning up, or in my case, down.

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How did you make this look your own?

I “Alyssa-fied” it by pairing the polo with short bottoms and by opening more (than the usual number of) buttons.

Alyssa LapidHow you wear the trend without looking over-the-top?

You can wear as many men’s pieces in an outfit as you want—polo, boyfriend shorts, oxfords—but make sure there’s a feminine touch to it. You want to show that it’s a woman underneath. 


How do you accessorize menswear?

To me it’s about keeping it simple. Wear a belt, wear a necklace or a few thin bracelets, and pair it with heels and you’re good to go.

Additional styling tips?

Again, menswear is so versatile so wear it to match any personality/mood. Feeling edgy? Pair a white polo with spikes and boots. Feeling preppy? Button it up and wear glasses. Sexy? Pair it with short shorts and red lipstick.

What's your favorite Mango piece in this ensemble?

The heels! They’re a fresh rendition of the nude pumps.

How would you wear this trend during the day? How about a night out?

During the day I’d wear a polo, shorts, a cardigan and oxfords or heels. At night I’ll dress the polo up by wearing leather leggings, an evening bag, accessories and sky-high heels. 

Alyssa is wearing a cardigan, shirt, shorts, heels, and bag from Mango.


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