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Blogger Challenge: Menswear

Four fashion bloggers share their take on the androgynous look!
Blogger Challenge: Menswear Four fashion bloggers share their take on the androgynous look!

Camille Co
Blog: Camille Tries To Blog

Camille CoWhat is the androgynous piece in this ensemble and what do you like about it?
I think most of the items I'm wearing here are androgynous. The mix of leather and hardware on both my bag and jacket, plus my collared button-down top and my loafer heels. I like how all of these items take inspiration from menswear but are not overly manly that it takes out the feminine and sexy appeal of the pieces.

How else would you style it?
For a preppy look, I'd probably trade my leather jacket for a blazer instead. For a more sophisticated, mature look, I'd wear my top with wide leg trousers.

What do you love about the menswear as womenswear trend?
The power it exudes, nothing says, "we run the world" more than menswear as womenswear.

How do you build your outfit around it?
Start with a key piece. I think you have to have at least one tailored or structured piece in the outfit.

How did you make this look your own?
I styled my androgynous look with street wear as my inspiration.

How you wear the trend without looking over-the-top?
Balance; don't go [for] all out menswear. Try to mix in a few sexy, feminine pieces.

Camille CoHow do you accessorize menswear?
With accessories that exude the same vibe—strong and defined like cuffs and bangles, nothing too dainty and feminine. Think clean lines!

Additional styling tips?
Pay attention to the shape and silhouette of the pieces you're combining. For example, if your have a boxy tailored blazer on, pair it with a fitted midi pencil skirt.

What's your favorite Mango piece in this ensemble?
So many! I love the button-down blouse, leather jacket and red hot pants. It's a shame you can't see most of my top. My favorite part has got to be the length of its sleeves. It ends a few inches above my elbows, which adds to its already masculine and preppy vibe. You don't see a lot of blouses made like this nowadays. For the jacket, I love the details on its sleeves as well, the straps and hardware are so cool. Lastly, I love the color and material of my pants. The material sort of feels and looks like matte leather. I can't stop staring at them!

How would you wear this trend during the day? How about a night out?
During the day, I'd wear a collared button-down blouse with soft shorts and loafers. On a night out, maybe a sheer sleeveless collared top with sequined shorts and white vest, taking my inspiration from a tuxedo.


Camille is wearing a shirt, jacket, and trousers from Mango.

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