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Blogger Challenge: Menswear

Four fashion bloggers share their take on the androgynous look!
Blogger Challenge: Menswear Four fashion bloggers share their take on the androgynous look!

Lexi Gancayco
Blog: Lexi The Second

Lexi GancaycoWhat is the androgynous piece in this ensemble and what do you like about it?
My androgynous pieces in my ensemble are the button down blouse and the blazer. For the blazer, I love how it can polish any ordinary look. If worn at the right size also, it can be very flattering to your figure. With button downs, I like how they have this very conservative but chic.

How else would you style it?
I would wear a blazer or a button down blouse with high waist harems, a ballerina skirt or high waist shorts. With the blazer, I would wear it with a nice dress or even shorts and a corset inside.

What do you love about the menswear as womenswear trend?
I love how comfortable it is since menswear is usually much looser than womenswear. It allows me to step outside what I would usually wear, to what my boy friend, brothers or boy friends would usually wear instead!

How do you build your outfit around it?
I started with the blouse then chose a blazer to match it. Since I wanted to focus on the upper half, the blazer and the button down, I opted for a neutral bottom. However, since it was neutral, I played around with it by picking out something textured instead. Also, since the top was already very androgynous I wore leggings to add a little touch of "femininity.”

Lexi GancaycoHow did you make this look your own?
This is one of the first times I really tried out the androgynous look, so to break into the look I opted for leggings instead of trousers or slacks. This way I was still able to play it safe since I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull off the head-to-toe menswear look. Nevertheless, I still made it a point to get that whole androgynous vibe from my whole outfit.

How you wear the trend without looking over-the-top?
First, I chose lighter and more neutral colors instead of very dark (black, navy blue, dark gray) colors so it isn't too masculine. Again, I didn't want to dress in menswear completely so I chose textured leggings instead of pants to go with the blazer.

How do you accessorize menswear?
Simple accessories like a short necklace to put under the collar of all your button downs. A few rings and bracelets will be nice to wear with it as well. For my look, I stayed away first from accessories and let the pieces speak for themselves.

What's your favorite Mango piece in this ensemble?
The Blazer! Their blazers fit so well and they are very comfortable. Its definitely a staple piece for all kinds of ensembles.

How would you wear this trend during the day?
In the day I would wear a lose thin blouse inside, in case it becomes too hot to wear a blazer in the day. Then instead of leggings, I would wear it with a skirt or high waisted shorts and brogues.

How about a night out?
For a night out I'd pair the blazer with a darker bottom, maybe something a little bit more edgy that usual like metallic pants. Then I'd wear something sheer or embellished inside my blazer. Lastly, I would definitely play around with more accessories like rings and necklaces.


Lexi is wearing a shirt, blazer, leggings from Mango.

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