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Blogger Challenge: Gap Be Bright

Six top bloggers style the Now Tees their way!
Blogger Challenge: Gap Be Bright Six top bloggers style the Now Tees their way!

Just like denims, t-shirts in various shapes, colors, and necklines are a wardrobe staple for any gal. This year’s reinvention of the basic tee has brought forth GAP’s Now Tees whose seven styles branch out into a matrix of colors, stripes, lengths and fits to match the ever-growing style personalities of women today.

We’ve enlisted 6 of today’s top bloggers to take their pick from the selection of Now Tees and style it their way. You’ll find that this comfy, cotton top has gone well beyond its basic roots to becoming an integral fashion building block.

Read on to pick up some great styling tips from Camille Co, Patricia Prieto, Laureen Uy, Lissa Kahayon, Kryz Uy, and Cheyser Pedregosa! Ed's Note: scroll to the end for a special surprise from GAP!

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Camille Co

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Camille Co

1. Which of the Now Tees did you choose and why? How does it fit in with your personal style?

I got the Mercer V-Neck Tee. I actually got it in a bunch of other colors because I love how it fits and I couldn't decide which yummy color to get! Out of all the Now Tees, I think the Mercer V-Neck Tee is the most successful in achieving a balance between casual and hip, which is the reason why I chose it. It's effortlessly sexy. 

2. Tell us about the outfit you put together:

I wanted to show how you can style up a simple shirt like this. It doesn't always have to be a pair of jeans or shorts. It doesn't always have to look informal. I wanted to prove that basic tees like this are perfect because there are a variety of ways to style them!>

In my case, I styled it to look smart casual because I wore it to the airport for a Tourism Malaysia trip. I incorporated a little androgyny into the look as well. The shirt's color, fit and neckline balances it off anyway and adds that much needed femininity.>

I've always loved playing around with color while still looking put-together and well-balanced so this definitely represents my style.  >

Camille Co
Camille Co

3. What are 3 other cool ways you like to dress up a basic tee? >

It depends on where I'm going. I can wear it with denim cut-offs and a statement necklace for that effortlessly chic look. I can wear it with a blazer and pencil skirt for a business casual look. Or I can wear it with a dressy maxi skirt for a sophisticated take on it. >

4. What 5 tees should every girl have in their closets and why? >

A white V-neck tee, a black V-neck tee, a round neck body-hugging tee, a sleeveless boyfriend tee and a fitted scoop neck tee. Every girl must have these because they are the basics! Plus they're the easiest to style in a variety of ways! >

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