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Blogger Challenge: Detachable Collars

Fashion bloggers show you how to wear the new accessory!
Blogger Challenge: Detachable Collars Fashion bloggers show you how to wear the new accessory!

Kristen Morados

What made you want to try this trend?
Peter Pan collars are cute! So back then, I had this top custom-made with matching cuffs. When I updated my closet, I DIY-ed the collar to make it detachable so I could pair it with something else.

How do you build your outfit around it?
It was going to be a really busy day and so I wanted to be in jeans, I chose a tattered one to add some edge to my cute top.

How do you make the look your own?
Through my messy high ponytail.

How do you balance your outfit to avoid making it look over-the-top?
I didn't wear many accessories, just a simple ring and a necklace to add some texture. The kind of jeans and printed wedges were enough for me.

Can you give tips on how to wear this trend?
This is quite a fun trend you can play with; [it's] something you don't even have to buy. I suggest you take a look at your old clothes and resurrect them from the depths of your closets! Check which ones have collars that appeal to you as an accessory.

You can easily refer to YouTube videos to guide you when you cut it. You can also make one from scratch. One that I enjoyed was sewing or sticking some lace into a necklace type strip of cloth which you can find at Carolina's. Apart from how easy it is to make one, you can wear it over a top and make it seem like a one piece or match it with a low cut top to highlight the accessory. Either way you are adding a personal twist to your ensemble.

How would you wear it during the day, at night, to a party, to work?
During the day, I'd pair a beaded detachable collar with a dress and dainty flats or a shirt and pleather shorts. Then I'd and add some spunk by wearing a non-black wedge boots.

On a night out, I'd wear a collar that's less curvy in shape and pair it with a V-neck top to make it stand out. Since it will appear to be floating, I'd also pair it with [a dress or top that has] a cut-out or something that has a geometrical look and feel to it. I can also pair it with a romantic tube dress and excessorize with more than one detachable collar to mix textures and shapes.


To work, I definitely will pair a printed detachable collar with a printed crisp polo. I'll run from meeting to meeting in tapered pants and power stilettos. Everything will be subdued to downplay the print on print.

How do you wear the detachable collar? Post your photo in My Style!

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