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Blogger Challenge: Color-blocking

Six fashion bloggers sport the hottest trend of the season - color-blocking!
Blogger Challenge: Color-blocking Six fashion bloggers sport the hottest trend of the season - color-blocking!

Lexi Gancayco
Blog: Lexi the Second

What made you try this trend?
In a world outside fashion, I'm a big big fan of color—especially in Art and design. When I first read about the color-blocking trend, I really wanted to try it out because it required mixing together really rich and vibrant colors in everyday looks. I was just a little intimidated because many of my regular go-to pieces are just gray and black. Adding so much color to my outfit was definitely something different for me.

How do you build your outfit around it?
I started with the blue pants, it's been a while since I've had my blue pair of trousers and I really liked it because of its rich hue. Instead of pairing it with a more neutral shade, I paired it with this coral top/tunic instead.

How do you style it to make the look your own?
I just made do with the old pieces I already had. For example, my top, that I tried to pull of as a corset is actually a beach dress. Instead of buying new colorful pieces, I just made do with regular colored clothes I already had.

How do you balance your look to avoid making it look over-the-top?
To balance out the look, I opted for neutral clogs instead of colorful ones. This way I wouldn't look like a walking rainbow.

How do you accessorize the color-blocking trend?
I don't have that many colorful accessories, so I just wore a silver fringed necklace. The fringe added a little more detail to the blocking of colors. And of course, bangles! You can never go wrong with stacks of bangles up your arm!

Can you give tips on how to wear this trend?
When color-blocking, it would be really helpful to think of complementary colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, or you can go for colors of the same hue. It is a little intimidating because the combination of colors can really be eye-catching. It doesn't really matter what time of the day you wear the look because it easily goes from day to night. That is why it really important to be confident with what you decide to wear.

Lexi wearing a bright salmon top from The Second Shop, vintage blue trousers with a necklace from +RUCKUS, a clutch given as a gift and Forever 21 chunky heels.


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