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Blogger Challenge: Animal Print

Four fashion bloggers style their favorite ferocious prints!
Blogger Challenge: Animal Print Four fashion bloggers style their favorite ferocious prints!

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Alyssa Lapid
Blog: My Beautiful World

What is the animal print piece in this ensemble and what do you like about it?
The peacock pants. I love the color and the fit. Also, the high-waist makes it trendy and the drawstring adds a playful element to it, not to mention it makes the pants so comfortable!

How else would you style it?
I would wear them with dressier tops; maybe with a cropped corset for a night-out. I would also love to wear them with a shirt and oxfords for that lazy get-up feel.

What do you love about the animal prints trend?
I love that I feel like such a risk-taker when I'm wearing animal prints! Seriously though, it's such a fun trend to play with because there are so many prints and colors to choose from. Plus, different prints can match different moods—feline prints when you're feeling catty and sexy, snakeskin when you're feeling dangerous, and peacock when you're feeling confident.

How do you build your outfit around it?
The peacock pants aren't that loud, so I had to decide if I wanted a toned down outfit or a more flamboyant one. I went for toned down and looked for more neutral pieces like the white tank and black heels. I added dimension to the outfit by wearing orange and gold accessories.

How did you make the look your own?
I wanted the outfit to be fuss-free so I went for loose pieces. I also didn't fix how the top was tucked in to make the look a bit messy and less put-together.

How do you wear the trend without looking over the top?
With animal prints, it's okay to don different items with the same print at once or even to throw on several prints at once. It's all about finding the right balance though. Focus on a specific piece or print then let the rest of the pieces contrast and support that focal point.

How do you accessorize this trend?
You can make the outfit as loud as you want with more animal prints in the accessories or you can use the accessories to tone the outfit down. You don't want the prints to drown you but at the same time you want to give justice to the animal print by not making the accessories dull. In my case, I tried to contrast the print with a splash of color, such as orange.

Additional styling tips?
Be a risk-taker, try prints or colors you've never tried before. If you're used to wearing gray leopard print items, try it in red or pink. If you've never worn snakeskin before, add it to your outfit.

What's your favorite Mango piece in this ensemble?
I really, really like the cross necklace. When I saw it I knew I just had to have it. I also love the peacock print pants, they really are comfy! Plus, that orange bag can brighten any outfit.

How would you wear this trend during the day? How about a night out?
During the day I'll wear loose, comfortable and casual pieces like shirts, flats and trousers. At night, I would either wear an animal print mini dress or wear an animal print jumpsuit paired with heels for a more formal feel. To get that perfect party vibe, I would wear an animal print top with leather leggings.


Show us how you wear it by posting a photo in our My Style section.

Alyssa is wearing a top, pants, bag, and accessories from Mango.

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