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Blanc Cheque

Cash in on the newest boutique in Shangri-La Plaza.
Blanc Cheque Cash in on the newest boutique in Shangri-La Plaza.

Sure their claim to fame is the iconic fountain pen but the brand new Mont Blanc boutique in Shangri-La Plaza is certainly more than just a pen store. The brand has extended it's tradition in luxury craftsmanship to watches, eyewear, leather goods, and jewelry. By craftsmanship we're talking about the same meticulousness involved in the 100 steps taken before a band of 18karat gold becomes the precious pen nib. Specialists at the Mont Blanc workshop can even tell the nuances of the nib just from the sound of it as it moves over paper (

If you're one to appreciate such distinctions, the boutique will easily be your candy store. The Montblanc Meisterstück, their own special branding for the watches they produce, is equipped with a perpetual calendar, automatic winding, and the same beautiful gilding and engraving as the pen nib. Bags, belts, and other accessories are made with specially chosen leather and crafted in Germany's leather working district, Offenbach. The latest line of jewelry is modern and garnished with the whitest of diamonds. These are classic, perfect pieces that purists are sure to love.

—Isha Andaya, Managing Editor