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Beyoncé Won Over a Near-Wardrobe Malfunction at Coachella 2018

She handled it like a pro!
Beyoncé Won Over a Near-Wardrobe Malfunction at Coachella 2018
She handled it like a pro!

Without a doubt, Beyoncé turned Coachella into #BEYCHELLA with her headliner stage at the music festival last night. Performing a two-hour long set, the singer more than made up for her canceled performance last year due to her pregnancy.

To kick off her show, Bey made an entrance in a custom black and gold ensemble by Balmain that appeared to be inspired by ancient Egyptian pharoahs.

 She then played new and old hits like Crazy in LoveFormation, and Diva, dressed in something a little more "casual" in Beyoncé terms—a yellow cropped sweater, denim shorts, and fuzzy pastel-hued over-the-knee boots.

All seemed to be going well for Bey in the outfit department until the surprise Destiny's Child reunion, where Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams wore matching Balmain camo outfits with the Coachella headliner.

According to People, fans who were watching the show on TV began noticing something was off with Beyoncé's layered bodysuit. She was seen holding the strap of her top to stop it from coming off, checking it constantly as she did the choreography.


The near-malfunction became more obvious during her dancebreak for Get Me Bodied, where she shared the stage with her sister and fellow singer Solange. There, Beyoncé continued supporting the sleeveless half of her bodysuit to keep it together, and despite the strenuous choreography, she succeeded. What she didn't manage to save, however, were her thigh-high boots, which came from off their straps and folded down. Thankfully, Bey was a true pro and danced it all off without missing a beat.

If only all of us could handle wardrobe malfunctions this flawlessly!