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Beyoncé Drops $300,000 on a Pair of Heels

They're bejewelled!
Beyoncé Drops $300,000 on a Pair of Heels They're bejewelled!

When Beyoncé poured down a bottle of champagne straight into a hot tub she sent $20,000 right down the drain. These days she likes to put her money right where she can see it: on her feet.

The Princess Constellation heels by House of Borgezie

Topping Lady Gaga’s major shoe splurge, Bey recently dropped a whopping $300,000 on a pair of heels from design firm House of Borgezie, run by designer Chris Shellis. What’s so special about them? They only carry nearly 1,300 gemstones, no biggie.


The pair was said to be bought for an upcoming music video. Budget like that for a single prop? It is Beyoncé after all. 

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