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13 Best Wedding Dresses to Wear on Your Big Day If You're a Petite Bride

Here are some gowns that'll flatter your body type.
13 Best Wedding Dresses to Wear on Your Big Day If You're a Petite Bride
IMAGE Kleinfield Bridal, Tara Keely
Here are some gowns that'll flatter your body type.

When choosing a wedding dress, prioritize finding a style that suits you. This is significantly more important than adhering to what a wedding dress is "supposed" to look like. It would help to make a list of things to consider, such as the assets you want to highlight, and the particular aesthetic you're going for. And, of course, you have to ascertain that the dress will flatter your body type. Rest assured that there's an optimum style for every body type out there! Here, we've collected 13 wedding gowns that will look great on petite brides. Ahead are fun, gorgeous gowns loaded with personalty. Take a look: 

13 Wedding Gown Pegs for Petite Brides

1. Simple, smooth gown with a column silhouette, moderate side slit, and forked straps

A simple white sheath dress will flatter any body type. The high waist and slit give a slimming, elongating effect. This is the type of gown that will simply enhance your natural beauty, and not steal the spotlight from it. 


2. Wispy, youthful gown with a halter-style top and layered chiffon skirt 

If you're planning an intimate garden wedding, you can probably afford to step out a bit in terms of style. Inject your preferred color into the whimsical fighting fish-like skirt. Not all wedding dresses have to be true white!

3. Dreamy dress with a paneled bodice and a flirty, colossal tulle skirt 

If you're petite and don't have much vertical range to play with, why not indulge in some volume? This confection of a dress will be an instant head turner.  

5. Mixed texture sheer gown with draped sleeves, spaghetti straps, and varied floral embroidery

How about a plunging sweetheart neckline with draped sleeves and dainty straps? It's sheer, and reveals a sultry silhouette. 

6. Mermaid-shaped off-shoulder gown with nude lining, 3D floral details, and subtle lace-up bodice

Floral appliqués atop a nude, semi-sheer base is the best mix of sexy and sweet. The structured bust and mermaid cut are very form-fitting, and the poufy train is just so elegant. 

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7. True white tube shell gown with a tulle underskirt and dramatic floral appliqués 

If you're not a fan of the usual sweetheart neckline, ou might want to look into a straight-necked gown. And, no, having a simple bodice won't make a gown look plain, especially if it has as much drama as this gown does from the waist down. Imagine how gorgeous this would look with an ornate veil! 

8. Beaded princess gown with a heart-shaped neckline and cape sleeves 

As a petite bride, you might have to think about sleeves carefully, because if they're too long or too opaque, they might swallow you up and make you look stifled. If you really love long sleeves and intend on incorporating them into your look, try out sheer, cape-like ones. They achieve the desired look without being too heavy, tight, or restrictive. 

9. Satin low back tube gown with an oversized bow  

Petite brides who are proud of their back and/or collarbones should, by all means, wear a tube dress to highlight them. This is simple gown is classic, but that bow detail keeps it looking forever young. 


10. Sleek, minimalist satin A-line gown with a wide belt 

You can't go wrong with a luxe satin A-line gown. Here, we have a lifting, flattering bodice, a thick waistband, and minimalist spaghetti straps. 

11. Unique gown with a sheer, embroidered bodice and a diagonally-cut cascading organza skirt 

Dreamy and full of light and movement, this gown with a cascading skirt is an absolute modern fairytale. Beneath the sheer bodice layering is a discreet nude tube, which makes for a more secure wear without looking too conservative. 

12. Pleated wing-like wedding dress with an angular, form-fitting bodice 

For the minimalist, practical bride, we propose this gorgeous, very au courant architectural pleated tube dress. Who knew an unembellished gown could still be so eye-catching? 

13. Misty, daring dress with a full sheer skirt, crystal-covered bodice, and sheer ribbons 

Lastly, we have this painterly tulle dress with an extreme plunging neckline, and breathtaking ribbon straps. The high slit adds flair, but you can opt to forego the slit for a softer look. 


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