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10 of the Best Wedding Gowns for Curvy Brides

10 of the Best Wedding Gowns for Curvy Brides
IMAGE Instagram/davidsbridal
These silhouettes will definitely flatter your figure.

There’s no denying choosing your wedding gown for your big day is one of the toughest decisions a bride has to make. You’d definitely want to pick a dress that will look great in person and in photos—not to mention, it should reflect your personality and look timeless even years after you say “I do.” That’s a tall order for one singular frock, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you narrow down your choices when it comes to picking a style.

Dressing for your figure can be daunting when you’re not model thin. The choices for girls with curves is frustratingly sparse when you want to buy RTW clothes—more so when it comes to gowns or any form of formalwear for that matter. That said, you shouldn’t feel bad about not fitting into these dresses, rather it’s your right to demand for pieces that flatter the body you have. Style should know no size, after all.

Where can I have a wedding dress made for my size/figure? 

A custom-gown is a must when off-the-rack sizes are tricky for you. You want your dress to fit you perfectly to accentuate your silhouette. All you need is a couturier who designs and dresses for curvy girls, too.

Rajo Laurel

The iconic local designer has seasoned experience in dressing fuller-figured brides and mothers of the bride. It’s important to pick a designer who can give you insight when it comes to designing for your body when you’re not quite sure what dress style will suit you best.

Iza Calzado in Rajo Laurel
PHOTO BY Instagram/houseoflaurel

Vania Romoff

The Cebuana designer is known for her ultra feminine and romantic dresses without having to show off too much skin. This is great if you’re conscious off your arms or legs, but don’t want a dress that’s boring or dated. You can trust Vania to come up with a sophisticated piece that’s timeless yet modern.

Vania Romoff Wedding Gown
PHOTO BY Instagram/bridalvaniaromoff
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Gabbie Sarenas

If you’d like a Filipiniana dress or a gown in local fabrics, you can turn to Gabbie Sarenas for some ideas. Not one to create dresses that are too revealing, visit the designer for a gown that’s both whimsical but distinctly Filipino-made.

Gabbie Sarenas Wedding Gown
PHOTO BY Instagram/gabbiesarenasph

Rosenthal Tee

The designer has been dressing brides of all ages and sizes for years without losing her penchant for form-fitting and glamorous frocks. If you’d like a piece that’ll highlight your curves, you can opt for a tailor-fit, embellished piece from Rosenthal.

Rosenthal Tee Wedding Gown
PHOTO BY Instagram/rosenthaltee

Francis Libiran

The seasoned designer has dressed a multitude of celebrities, but also has a wide range of real brides as clients. Get the full couture treatment when having a custom piece by Francis, who will definitely design a gown that will work best for your figure.

PHOTO BY Instagram/francislibiranbridal

PS Officiel

Designer Patricia Santos just recently launched a collection inspired by real brides that proves the inclusivity of her wedding gown line. Since she’s known for her romantic but sensual designs that make you feel like a princess bride, you can trust the designer to create you a piece that will make you look like you just stepped out of a fairytale.

PHOTO BY Instagram/psofficiel

Mark Bumgarner

The designer is known for his masterful corseting, so if you want a dress that will cinch you in right, Mark Bumgarner should be top of mind. His gowns will fit you immaculately like a glove, and we’re sure your curves will look great on your wedding day.

PHOTO BY Instagram/marbumgarner

10 Flattering Wedding Dress Styles Perfect for Curvy Brides

1. A thin-strapped dress

If you’re top heavy but have narrow shoulders, you’ll want to consider a dress that won’t cover up your arms. Since you’ll be wearing white, opaque or even lace sleeves might make you look bulkier rather than slimmer. Instead, opt for a piece that hugs your torso perfectly down to your waist and a skirt that flares out to create that hourglass illusion.

PHOTO BY Instagram/davidsbridal

2. A lace long-sleeved mermaid-style dress

The trick to pulling off this style is to wear it with a low back. That way, even though you’re all covered up, there’s still a patch of skin peeking through to give your look that bit of sexiness.

PHOTO BY Instagram/davidsbridal

2. A sleeveless V-neck dress

This is perfect for girls with broad shoulders and who are pretty busty. We actually encourage a bit of cleavage to be seen—because if you’ve got it, why not flaunt it (even a little) on your wedding day!

PHOTO BY Instagram/davidsbridal
PHOTO BY Instagram/davidsbridal

3. A halter neck A-line dress

The key to pulling off a sleeveless frock is a bodice that will cinch you in. This is undeniably slimming and will highlight the smallest part of your waist versus drowning in extra fabric you don’t really need. Besides, your arms don’t need to be toned to look beautiful.

PHOTO BY Instagram/davidsbridal

4. A form-fitting lace dress

The trick is to pick a delicate lace fabric that lets your skin peek through. This way, your sleeves won’t look too heavy and will give your overall look a light and fresh vibe.

PHOTO BY Instagram/davidsbridal

5. A sweetheart neckline dress

This neckline actually looks great on busty girls versus those with a more modest cup size. The style is meant to hug your décolletage and it’s honestly flattering if you’ve got the curves to flaunt! Just make sure your corset or bodice fits you to a T to avoid looking frumpy!

PHOTO BY Instagram/davidsbridal

6. A long-sleeved off-shoulder dress

For girls with narrow shoulders, here’s a style that’s all covered up but will still show off your best assets. The collarbone-revealing neckline leading into a cinched waist actually makes you have more of an hourglass silhouette.

PHOTO BY Instagram/davidsbridal

7. A dress with billowy sleeves

This style is perfect if you’re a fan of romantic dresses! The fact that it covers up your arms is definitely a plus if you’re self-conscious about showing them off. Not to mention, this sleeve style will always be in style.

PHOTO BY Instagram/davidsbridal

9. A slip dress

Contrary to what you might think, a slip dress is actually a very flattering silhouette for full-figured girls who have the bust to flaunt. This frock also isn’t body-hugging, so you don’t need to feel conscious about your shape!

PHOTO BY Instagram/davidsbridal

10. An off-shoulder dress with delicate sleeves

So you want to flaunt your arms but still prefer a little bit of coverage? Then opt for a style that gives you sliver of a sleeve. This works well for girls who want to try an off-shoulder style but with a broader frame. Again, the trick is to cinch your waist for a flattering figure!

PHOTO BY Instagram/davidsbridal
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